Victory Motorcycles To Tackle The Isle Of Man TT Zero Challenge

Published May 25, 2015

Victory Motorcycles will be making an appearance at this year’s Isle Of Man TT, taking part in the electric only Zero Challenge class, with a stunning prototype machine. This year will be Victory’s first ever foray into European racing and first ever electric racing motorcycle. With racing veterans William Dunlop and ‘General’ Lee Johnston at the controls, it could prove to be a very interesting TT for everyone involved.

image-3Although usually more associated with cruisers, Victory have taken cues from Harley Davidson and have seriously begun to consider the future of electric technology, momentarily breaking away from big V-twin engines to test the waters of the electric racing market. It’s a massive departure from the norm but with such a long history of developing quality machines, Victory could be on to a real winner – probably not this year though.

image-1The Isle Of Man TT is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) motorcycling event in the world and has been tantalizing spectators for well over a century. Since 2010, it has included a special class for electric racers, who battle around the 37.3 mile long Mountain Course for the title. This year, Victory are taking part with an all new prototype machine.

image-2Teaming up with Parker, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical motion and control, Victory are racing this machine, with race-proven and incredibly high-performance GVM PMAC motors. The race bike is also equipped with top of the range power cells and highly sophisticated electronics. It’s boasting peak power but is it enough to contend with the big boys?

We’ll have to wait and see but the riders are hopeful. William Dunlop says: ‘I’m more than excited to race this prototype at the Isle of Man. Electric power trains have many advantages, and the Isle of Man is one of the greatest tests in motorcycle racing.’ Team mate Lee Johnston is also ready to take up the challenge: ‘I’m excited to make history by riding the second entry for Victory Racing at the Isle of Man TT.’ It’s clear that both riders are ready to convert to the electric movement. Here’s what Lee Johnston had to say (below):

The Zero Challenge event will take place on the 10th of June this year. Rod Krois, the General Manager of Victory has hinted that this first TT adventure could be the start of something new for Victory, who will work closely with both riders and hopefully develop more electric models in future. Could this be the start of the electric revolution? It’s too early to tell but with Harley Davidson, Zero, Yamaha and now Victory making serious moves into the electric market, the standard petrol engine may become a thing of the past…possibly within our lifetimes!


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