Viking Performance 1969 Camaro Might as well be the Minnesota Vikings Official Car

The Ultimate Viking Fan Car From Viking Performance

Updated October 29, 2018

If you’re yet unfamiliar with the Viking Performance, you likely won’t be for long. It’s a house dealing in aftermarket shocks, springs and rod ends, based in Lakeville, Minnesota. This means their purple and white 1969 Chevrolet Camaro has one custom suspension setup worthy of the best racing cars out there. Moreover, it looks gorgeous, but then again, pretty much any ’69 Camaro does.

Viking Performance Camaro

Viking Performance has been founded by Chris King and his wife Christina who, combined, have 40 years of shock manufacturing experience. As fate would have it, Christina would pull Chris from the clutches of corporate America world where he worked as an accountant, and rekindle his love for custom cars. She already worked for an aftermarket shock manufacturer at the time.

Chris’ love for cars dates much further than 2011 and founding of his own company. He dabbled with cars ever since he was a kid, and he had older brothers to help him along. He bought his first car – a 1967 Chevelle – when he was only 14. Chris recalls the time when he and his brothers had at least four or five muscle cars in their driveway. They were acquiring them quickly, tweaking their engines, and selling them in appropriate fashion as well.

Viking Performance Camaro 2

Since the Kings already owned 1969 Camaro, it was only natural they’do go with resto modding it in order to advertise their company. White and purple are colors sacred in Minnesota, as much as viking berserker logo is. Those two features were no brainers for a family in which Minnesota Vikings name is sacred too.

But it wasn’t always like that for 1969 Camaro. Chris acquired it back in early two thousands when it had rather anemic 350 pickup engine. Although the original 350SS in name, powerplant was already alien to the car so it wasn’t a travesty when Chris decided to pull it out in favor of more powerful 385 hp crate engine. Even that lacked power Chris needed, so he raised its output further.

Viking Performance Camaro 3

With new business comes the need to up the ante further. That’s why Viking Performance Camaro now has 408ci LS small-block under its hood. TPiS were called upon for this job, and they additionally bored the block while adding RHS LS7 cylinder heads, their own sheetmetal intake manifold, and in-house hydraulic roller cam. 1969 Camaro now delivers 659 horsepower, and competes at such events like Optima and the Motor State Challenge, for instance.

Viking Performance Camaro 4

Chassis too was upgraded in order to sustain all that power. Speedtech Performance were called for this one and they instantly strengthened the sway bar and control arms up front, while adding their in-house three-link system consisting of tubular lower control arms, a torque arm, and a Panhard bar, at the rear. Chassis is complemented by Viking Performance’s own Berserker Active Shock Management system. It monitors wheel position, shock piston speed, chassis acceleration, and steering position in order to automatically adjust the shock valving. It’s capable of doing so up to 1,000 times per second. If you’re thinking of getting this impressive system for yourself, know that Viking Performance recently released the tuning tool for it. Thanks to it, every user can easily adjust all the necessary suspension parameters without wasting too much time and money.

Viking Performance Camaro 5

Rear Suspension

Viking Performance Camaro 6

Front Suspension

Chris King’s Pro Touring 1969 Camaro debuted at 2014 SEMA, but went straight for additional tuning shortly afterwards. Thanks to Brandon Clemens at Dick’s Hot Rod Shop, Viking Performance Camaro finally boasts performance worthy of a berserker.

Viking Performance Camaro 7


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