Volkswagen Introduced Four Special Beetles Which Aren’t So Special Really

Published April 8, 2015

In a recent statement issued by Volkswagen, the German mega company hinted that they’ll be discontinuing the production of some of its models. Even though we are not surprised that the three door Volkswagen Polo or the Volkswagen Eos will not be produced any more, the speculation about discontinuation of the third gen Beetle certainly made us scratch our heads. Then, we looked at the sales results which show that Volkswagen can sell only one to two thousand of Beetles every month which is apparently insufficient for the continuation of the production.


However, it seems that at the New York Auto Show Volkswagen absolutely forgot about that as they’ve revealed four interesting concepts based on the Beetle (none of which is Beetle Dune Concept, for which they said they’ll probably produce it). The car just might live on a few more years, but the replacement will come faster than anyone expected and if everything works out well, the replacement will be more Beetle than any Beetle before it.

Nevertheless, the concept cars revealed at the New York Auto Show are possibly something we will see in limited numbers in the next year or so and, unfortunately, the concept car did not bring anything too spectacular, only a few interesting styling touches which remind us that the Beetle is fun and not boring.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Denim


Presenting a rather nicely decorated Beetle, the Convertible Denim Concept is colored in a catchy Stonewashed Blue Metallic color inspired by Denim. Other specialties include very attractive old school wheels, sport seats and some aluminum inserts for the inside. Of course, nothing too important has been changed, but the car received some tacky detailing which separates it from the rest of the lot. Even though Volkswagen calls this Beetle a Concept, it is obvious that the production version might appear in no time. Actually, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Volkswagen just offers some trim packages for the Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle Pink Color Edition


Nothing too special here either. Apart from the color Pink which you can’t miss, the car features nicely shaped R-line bumpers, nice wheels and apparently some changes inside which again, include pink color. Honestly we thought that Volkswagen could add a bit flair to all of this and create concept cars that are actually a bit more than assemblages of different things from the option list. We guess you’d be able to spec out the car like this just by searching long enough through the option list.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Wave


Moving on to the Beetle Convertible Wave brings us a bit of summer craze. Nicely done exterior with the Habanero Orange Metallic and some flashy chrome details with 19 inch rims clearly tells us that this car is a perfect companion for people in love with sea adventures. Volkswagen even loaded the car with a surfboard clearly stating what this Beetle should be all about.

Volkswagen Beetle R-Line


This one is possibly the most promising of them all. The Beetle R-Line Concept brings aggressive body kit with R-line bumpers, 20 inch wheels and some cleverly done decals which certainly enhance the sporty character of the car. Even though the car is only a concept with who knows which engine inside, the rear diffuser and enormous wheels tell a sports story we always like. The sports appearance is continued inside with decorations such as faux carbon fiber elements, yellow stitching, flattened wheel and sport seats. All of this clearly gives the character of a sports car to this Beetle and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a production version of it on the road.



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