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VW Polo 1.2TSI engine to be made in China

Published May 17, 2010

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VW are at the forefront of introducing new turbo technology into the Chinese market whilst the rest of the competition are playing catch up against one of the smarter companies in China. VW currently produces the 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI engines in China, and they plan to expand the line up with the addition of a 1.2TSI which will find its way into the next generation VW Polo, which will also be made in China.

The demand for premium small vehicles has sky rocketed over the past few months as Chinese consumers look to smaller displacement engines to take advantage of lower sales tax.

The 1.2TSI is able to produce 104BHP and 175N.m of torque, however it will undergo some Chinese-ification for the local market, their might even be a diesel model coming down the line in the not so distant future as VW steps up its Bluemotion campaign in China.




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