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VW’s E-Up electric concept sighted in China

Published September 26, 2010

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It appears that VW maybe willing to throw in its electric know how with one of its partners here in China which echoes Nissans stance also, and seems to go against the vitriol that was spouted in the Wall Street Journal last week where foreign automotive companies were supposedly afraid of putting electric cars into production in China as they would be forced to share electric car technology with their Chinese joint venture partners.

Pictures of the forthcoming E-Up concept car from VW, which is a pure electric vehicle, were leaked from Chinas patent office several days ago. It has been announced that the mini car will launch in 2013, but rumors are circulating that it will launch first in Chinas crowded cities as a way to test the waters before going into Europe and the USA markets. China is largely credited as being one of the worlds leaders when it comes to electric car technology due to Chinas aggressive pursuit of development of the domestic car industry and also to lessen its reliance on Middle Eastern oil which travels a long and dangerous road to arrive in the Middle Kingdom.

VW are also working on electric version of the Lavida and Bora sedans which are currently in the testing phase at the Shanghai World Expo.




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