VW’s New Mid Size Sedan spotted out testing in China

Published November 15, 2010

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For VW, China is the worlds biggest market and that is why they are putting some considerable time into testing the new mid size sedan that will eventually fall into Shanghai-VWs lap. FAW-VW is expected to get the new Passat and legend has it that SAIC turned its nose up at the current Passat (B6 generation) as it believed that the B5 model had plenty of life left in it, but now that life might be coming to an end with the introduction of VWs NMS (New Mid Size Vehicle).

What is planned for the forthcoming NMS is not entirely clear, it might be an entirely new replacement for the Passat in European and North American markets, although in the Chinese market it is 99.9% probable that the two will run side by side for many years to come. VW has hinted before the that the NMS will come with more generous legroom and a larger trunk, improved quality and of course a six speed DSG clutch all of which is what Chinese consumers require.




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