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Fenyr Supersport

Senselessly Preposterous W Motors 900-HP Fenyr Supersport Production Car Revealed

Fast, mad, expensive, but will it jump buildings?

Published December 14, 2017

Remember the Lykan Hypersport? You should, it appeared in the Fast and Furious movie. It was the car that jumped from one building to another in that highly realistic segment of the movie (click that – 2:07, you are welcome). Now, the same company which produced the Lykan Hypersport – W Motors, revealed the production version of their next awesome thing, the Fenyr Supersport. The new car won’t be as exclusive as the Lykan Hypersport only seven of which had been produced (one of them is a police car, mind you). W Motors plans to produce 25 Fenyr Supersports. Although revealed in concept form two years ago, it wasn’t until last week and the Dubai Motor Show that I heard something meaningful about the car.

Fenyr Supersport

The design seems to be all finished up and ready for the streets. Yeah, I know, it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that something as insane as this could actually be allowed on the streets. Nonetheless, it seems that the shape does complement everything one could expect of a hypercar.

Fenyr Supersport

It produces downforce – a lot of it, has crumple zones – for you to be safe in case of an accident and follow precise guidelines for the car design (you know, where to put headlights, how to limit the sound and all that).

Revealed In Dubai, at its home turf

Revealing the car in Dubai, W Motors undeniably targeted buyers who can cash out for something like this. One who pays slightly short of $1.9 million will enjoy a car featuring a lightweight aluminum tubular chassis on top of which W Motors added an all carbon-fiber body. This only made the Fenyr Supersport a light car – it tips the scales at remarkable 2,976 pounds. Even the incredible McLaren Senna did not do much better. Interestingly enough, the doors are of “suicide design” like on a Rolls Royce. It does look quirky at first, but then again it may make the Fenyr just a tad more nuts. I dig it.

Fenyr Supersport

Carbon-built elements do not end with the body. 16.5-inches of brake discs are also of carbon-ceramic origin. They should provide abundant stopping force for a car that can almost match what the mighty Bugatti Veyron can do.

Fenyr Supersport Can Do Some Idiotic performance

Numbers surrounding the Fenyr Supersport are almost incomprehensible. Porsche-sourced, but RUF-tuned flat-six four liter with two turbochargers produces 780hp and 708 lb-ft of torque. It all goes to the back massive wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (Porsche-sourced of course).

Fenyr Supersport

Originally, W Motors planned to save additional 300 lbs of weight and offer a car with an engine capable of delivering insidious 900hp. While this one revealed in Dubai does not have those specs, I can see some special edition Fenyr Supersport of future to gain the advantage.

Nevertheless, numbers are almost bizarre.

  • 0-62mph in 2.7secs,
  • 0-124mph in 9.4secs, and
  • 245mph top speed

Although W Motors, with its headquarters in Dubai now, designed the car in-house, they will outsource production to people who actually do it – Magna Steyr in Austria.

Fenyr Supersport


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