Wanna Buy a Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane?

Published August 30, 2016

Hats off to the owner of this car for his ambition. This guy tried to sell a 2004 MINI Cooper on eBay for $12,500. Sounds legit so far, but wait to hear the rest of the story. This is not your ordinary MINI, unless by ‘ordinary’ you mean a car with wings and an airplane tail.

Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane - Front

The seller was so confident (read arrogant) that he would sell this peculiar MINI that he didn’t even set the “buy it now” option. By using the instant purchase clause, maybe someone would mistakenly make the buy. Perhaps someone who had too much to drink? However, the MINI Cooper owner had to intention to use any immoral shortcuts. That’s why probably he failed to sell it.

Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane - Front Image 02

By now, you’re probably very eager to hear why the heck this MINI has airplane parts installed. Its previous owner was Delta Airlines, who used it as a mean of promotion. When the campaign seized, the airline company decided to get rid of it.

We bet that this guy thought that he hit jackpot when he got the MINI Cooper from Delta Airlines. At least, he thought that at first, but probably changed his mind when he tried to park it. With airplane wings sticking out of sides of the MINI, one parking spot is not enough. On top of that, a massive airplane tail on its back tells us the car was not quite easy to maneuver either.

Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane - Interior

Still, according to the seller, the MINI Cooper airplane is one hundred percent street legal. When we think about it, why wouldn’t it be legal? In the end, this is just a 12-years old MINI with some attachments. That said, every attachment can be detached and that’s exactly why we advise the MINI owner to do if he wants to offload it.

Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane Flightless MINI Cooper Airplane - Back

[Photo Credits: axlebrand on Ebay]



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