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Want a Roewe? Get in line.

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

We said that Roewe sales were hot, but we didnt realize just how hot! If you want to buy a Roewe 750 in China right now, youll have to wait 3 months as it seems that the demand for the car is a lot larger than what SAIC were expecting. Still, it seems the 3 month waiting list for a Roewe 750 is not discouraging sales sales are currently at 8,000 units since going on the market in February.

The good news is, the delays are only affecting those that wanted certain colors, if you want either a black, blue or silver Roewe 750, youll only have to wait one month.

So if you want a Roewe, get down to your dealer and stick down a 10-50,000rmb deposit and come back in a few months. Were awfully tempted



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