Want Some Pancake Cars?

Published April 7, 2016

Regardless of whether you want pancake or not, that’s exactly what you’ll get if you leave your car anywhere near humongous 450-ton mining dump truck’s path. Truck is BelAZ 75710 – the biggest mining dump truck in the world, while the unlucky car used to be… well, something.

belaz 1

Judging by camera crew with professional equipment and a drone flying across the truck at time of the incident, this stunt was conducted on purpose. That is to say, no one beside the car was hurt. It’s probably future film or TV show stuff, or possibly even a commercial. You never know with these types of videos. But, that’s irrelevant here anyway. Take a look at another photo of the pancake that’s become the by-product of BelAZ 75710’s passing by.

belaz 2

Finally, feel free to take a look at the full video below and enjoy the sight of behemoth mining dump truck converting this unlucky car into a pancake. And don’t forget to stay 40 feet clear of this truck if you happen to bump into it somewhere because that’s their blind spot distance – believe it or not.



Nikola Potrebić
About Nikola Potrebić

Despite driving a piece of junk, Nikola still manages to survive the harrowing experience called "A road trip in a Yugo," day in, day out. On the other hand, precious few things move him as muscle cars do. Especially those from the bygone golden era, which makes him wonder why wasn't he born a few decades earlier? Well, at least he's been given the opportunity to enjoy the likes of the Pontiak Aztek, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Fiat Multipla, and other lovely millennials, right? Come to think of it, I'll stick with my Yugo. Thank you very much.

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