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Warning Signs That You Need to Take Your Car to the Mechanic

Updated September 28, 2013

Most of us take our cars for granted. When you turn the key, you expect it to immediately start. You may hear this little knocking noise, but you’ve always heard it before. You also know for a fact that it’ll go away after a few minutes on the road. However, what you don’t know is that little knocking sound may be a symptom of a big problem. If you don’t take your car to the mechanic pretty soon, the problem could worsen and the expenses could easily escalate.

A knocking noise is not the only telltale sign though that your car is in need of an auto mechanic’s service. Listed below are warning signs that you have to take your vehicle to the mechanic.

Noises You Hear

When the car comes to a stop or when you put your foot on the brake pedal, do you hear a squealing sound or a grinding sound perhaps? If you do, then that could mean that your brake pads need replacement. It could also mean that your rotors need repair or that your calipers are damaged and also need to be replaced.

If you think that your vehicle is creating too much noise while running, then this could mean that your vehicle is in need of a new muffler. It could also be a symptom of a defective exhaust valve.

When you start your car, do you hear a squealing noise? If you do, then it could mean that the serpentine belt of your car is defective and needs to be replaced. The same squealing sound may also be heard when you turn the car’s air conditioner on. A defective or worn serpentine belt causes power steering problems as well as alternator problems, so you have to take your vehicle to your local mechanic immediately if you notice these squealing or squeaking noises when the engine is idling.

Fluids and Lights You See

If there are oil and grease spots under your vehicle, then it could mean there’s an oil leak. If the oil leak problem is not addressed, then your car’s performance is going to be affected since it’s not receiving proper lubrication. Not only is this harmful to your engine, but this could also put you at great risk while on the road.

If you notice a greenish liquid under your car, then it means that the radiator coolant is leaking. A leaking radiator coolant means that the engine’s temperature is at risk of overheating since its temperature is no longer maintained.

Finally, if the warning lights light up, then it’s telling you that you need to have the car engine seen.

Things You Feel

If you let go of the steering wheel and the car veered towards one side or if you have to constantly guide the car to a straight direction, then that means it’s time for your wheel alignment to be readjusted.

A car that produces too much vibration while on the road could also mean that your wheel alignment needs adjusting or that your car needs new tires.

By being aware of these warning signs, you will get to save some money since you’re preventing more damages to your car.


Jennifer Dahlstrom, a freelance article writer, regularly contributes to Through this article, she hopes to teach people how to detect car problems and what it means.



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