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Couples Wreck Trashes Classic Camaro

Wasted Couple Trash Classic Camaro by Running Into Each Other

Couple Destroys Classic Camaro While Driving Drunk

Couples Wreck Trashes Classic Camaro

One of the best benefits of a relationship is being there for each other (when one of you screw up royally), to inform the other of situations when they’re being incredibly stupid.  This scenario is typically common among couples when one is drinking and lacking any kind of decent judgment.  However, these checks and balances aren’t really possible when you’re both wasted and making terrible decisions, like this couple in the video have clearly made!

Late last Thursday night, in Springfield, Oregon, a less-than-intelligent couple made their way home from the bar after having quite a few drinks too many.  According to Springfield Police, 41-year old Genevieve Daley was driving her 2003 Pontiac Grand Am down Highway 126 when she ran into the concrete center divider, causing her to lose control of the vehicle and crash.  Right behind Daley was her 45-year-old boyfriend, William Grace, who also happened to be heavily intoxicated and driving his 1973 classic Chevrolet Camarro.  Grace was following his girlfriend too closely and was unable to avoid a collision, causing him to smash the Camaro into the side of her Grand Am.  Grant’s collision caused a good amount of damage to both vehicles and ultimately stopped all west bound traffic on the highway for over 4 hours.

Both suspects were taken into custody by the Springfield Sheriff’s Department and were charged with DUIs and Reckless Driving.  The Springfield police initially said that the couple were in middle of a fight, but then later changed their statement, saying that there was no evidence of a dispute between the couple.  Both suspects were then transported to the Riverbend Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt by this mutual act of stupidity, but the same cannot be said about their vehicles.



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