Police chase in Georgia with McLaren 720S

Wasted Guy in McLaren 720S Takes Cop for a 155 MPH Joy Ride

Georgia Man Speeds by Cop at 105 MPH and Reaches Speeds of 155 MPH Before Pulling Over

Updated November 21, 2018


Let’s face it, the vast majority of us have always wanted to be chased by the police in a badass car that a cop wouldn’t stand a chance against (as long as we weren’t really facing a hell of a prison sentence).  However, it shocks me that there are still tons of morons out there that attempt this each year because we know that these chases don’t end like they used to.  In this day and age, you might as well wise up and pull over because no matter how badass of ride you’re putting to the test, it’s most likely going to end in a nasty collision, with flat tires, a vigilantly blowing your head off, or an entire police force surrounding you as several helicopters fly above capturing your every move to splatter all over national television.  While this idiot decided to give fleeing a try in his McLaren 720S (which the cop’s 2015 Chevrolet Impala V-6 did not really stand a chance against),  he did grow a little wiser after a few minutes of being chased by police and went ahead and surrendered by pulling over.

Dwayne Pope And His McLaren 720S Joyride!

McLaren 720S Front 3/4 Rolling

The car in the video below is a McLaren 720S and the alleged driver of the vehicle is reported to be 46-year old Dewayne Sherwood Pope.  The scene occurred in Alpharetta, Georgia, where Pope sped by the officer’s car, which she clocked at 105 MPH in a 65 MPH speed zone.  The officer then sped up to Pope, not yet flipping on her lights.  Pope sped up even faster to 155 MPH.  At this time, the Alpharetta officer turned on her blue lights and tried to pull the sports car over.  Pope continued to drive for at least 2 more miles, going at least 150 MPH.  The officer reported that she had reached 147 MPH while in pursuit, but was still losing ground to the 720 horsepower beast.  Pope finally pulled the vehicle over to the shoulder of the road, ending the pursuit.  In her report, the Alpharetta officer stated that smoke was coming from the brakes of the vehicle after pulling over to the shoulder of the highway.

Dwayne Sherwood Pope Suspect in Chase

The officer approached the vehicle, asking Pope where he was heading so fast and why he didn’t pull over when she first initiated the traffic stop.  Pope stated that he didn’t see her police lights, an almost likely statement considering how far ahead the driver was from the police vehicle.  However, considering that he wasn’t that far ahead until she flipped on the blue lights, makes it an obvious lie.  After approaching the vehicle, the officer reports a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car.  She then initiated a field sobriety test and asked Pope to conduct a breath test, which he refused.  Upon refusal, the police took Pope into custody and charged him with driving with expired tags, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, and DUI.  During the sobriety tests, the officer said that the McLaren was reportedly showing uninsured in the state system.

Pope may actually be able to harbor a little bit of defense in court from his ignorance because it took the genius about 10 minutes to understand the instructions for a test as simple as walking in a straight line.  While it’s clear that this guy is no true genius, we’re glad to see that he wasn’t dumb enough to follow through with the police pursuit. This story could have just as easily been about how a drunk driver totaled his McLaren and killed an innocent family or two in the process, so it’s better for everyone involved that Pope at least had the good sense to pull the car over before things escalated to that level.

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