Watch a 13-Year-Old Row Thru The Gears Of A Ferrari F355 Like A Pro

Updated August 12, 2015

Before the age of getting chest hair. When the first few hairs down there are still peach fuzz. When a mustache is still something he adores on his daddy. And he drives a Ferrari like a champ.

This 13-year-old is the luckiest little shite I’ve witnessed. From the surroundings, he obviously grew up– no scratch that– IS growing up in an affluent neighborhood. That can really be the only reason that driving lessons occur in a Ferrari in the first place.

He’s a bit cautious, but that’s to be expected from a kid who’s driving a Ferrari F355 on real pavement, not on PS3. He’s hesitant to hit the gas too much when releasing the clutch and almost stalls a couple times, but doesn’t. Kid, that all comes in time.

Props go out to the parents of this junior. While not exactly of legal driving age (not even close), the lost art of driving a manual gearbox will be nearly historical by the time this guy gets his license. With such amazing fast-shifting automatic transmissions on the market, manual transmissions are reportedly becoming extinct in new models.

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