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Wedding Crash 4

Groom Crashes Into His Bride At His Wedding!

The Ultimate Wedding Crasher!

While motorcycles and weddings have been done to death, we’ve never seen a groom crash into his bride at the alter yet. Fortunately, thanks to this video from nine times US trials champion Pat Smage, we now know exactly what that would look like. You see, when you’re a nine time champion of something, the chances are that whatever activity you’re passion about will probably seep into your everyday life. Pat Smage had decided that he wanted to put the ring on his beloved’s finger mid-stoppie, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wedding Crash 4

The Wedding Crash Video!

Wedding Crash 1

The 27 year old champion had it all set up, and the cameras were on him, so he decided to perform his cool stunt but during his first attempt, as he was reeling in his rolling stoppie and managed to get the ring on his wife-to-be’s finger, he fudged the landing a little bit, and wasn’t satisfied with how it went down. Considering that it was their wedding, Pat wanted everything to be perfect and decided a second run was in order… But it didn’t quite go to plan either.

Wedding Crash 2

On his second run, Pat didn’t just make a mess of the landing, he lost control of the bike and it lurched forward into his bride Hannah’s legs, knocking her over in the process and no doubt giving her a bruise or two more than she expected to receive on her wedding day. Fortunately, it seems that Pat’s bride Hannah is a one in a million kind of girl who obviously loves her groom, because she dusted herself off, and let him have a third try. The third time’s the charm, and Pat managed to perform the ultimate wedding stunt, following it up with a few more tricks too. Many of which involved his bride being nearby.

Wedding Crash 3

Underneath the video, Pat commented: “Hannah and I got married! The wedding did not go without its challenges though. I crashed into her during our ceremony trying to put the ring on her finger while on my Sherco! Watch on to see her reaction… We also celebrated with some dancing, pump tracking, and a mechanical bull at the reception. It was a lot of fun and I hope you watch, laugh, and enjoy our special day.” The action begins at around the 1m20 marker…

We’ve never seen a wedding like it. And we doubt we’ll see another one similar anytime soon.


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