What Car is Right for Your Family, Sedan or SUV?

Updated September 29, 2015


When you have a family, you have certain needs for the family car that can’t be met by the first thing you see in the for sale ads. Many families find themselves struggling to decide between a land rover 4×4 SUV and a sedan when deciding what the better option is. Here is a guide comparing the benefits and disadvantages of both to help with the decision making process.

Benefits of an SUV

The primary benefit of an SUV over a sedan is that it offers a greater ride height and a potentially larger amount of storage space. The largest SUVs offer more storage than the largest sedans, but in between, it’s often a tossup, especially when midsize and large sedans are thrown into the mix. SUVs do allow you to see over traffic, which can add to your safety when you are on the road and more versatile if you ever feel like camping or just going for an off-road drive with your family. They also carry more swagger than the average sedan.

Disadvantages of an SUV

The primary disadvantage of an SUV compared to a sedan is that it will almost always get worse fuel mileage. This may not be an issue of concern if you have a lot of money to spare on petrol or if you don’t drive often, but if you plan to haul your family about on long trips, this is worth keeping in mind, as you will spend significantly more on petrol to fuel the average SUV than you will to fuel up the average sedan.

Benefits of a Sedan

The primary benefit of a sedan compared to an SUV is that it is likely to cost much less to get the same features and space. This means things like air conditioning, cruise control, powered windows, fog lights, a sun roof, an upgraded stereo system, and more are going to cost less when packaged in a sedan than they will when packaged in an SUV. You’ll also get better gas mileage and in many cases, the costs of repairs will be less due to the premium SUVs often face.

Disadvantages of a Sedan

The primary disadvantages of a sedan compared to an SUV lie in the storage space at the upper end. A large SUV will definitely store more materials for a family than a large sedan, and you also don’t get the height advantage with a sedan that you get with an SUV. Sedans generally are not thought of as exciting as SUVs, which may or may not matter to you.


In conclusion, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to choosing an SUV or a sedan. In the end, the vehicle that is best for your family will depend on your specific needs along a range of factors including price, fuel efficiency, storage, and insurance and maintenance costs. Charting out your needs on paper and test driving various vehicles will help you choose the right one for your family the next time you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Author Bio: Jack has been a mechanic for 10 years and is a complete rev head. He has 5 cars to his name, and his past time hobbies include redoing old cars, travelling, going to car shows and writing blogs about cars.



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