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What to Expect About the New Fuel Economy Rules

Updated September 9, 2012

It is only recently that the White House in the regimen of President Obama has finalized the new rule for fuel economy. This is to opt all the new cars to be sold in U.S to have miles per gallon to have a minimum of 54.5 mpg in year 2025.

This has brought a lot of controversies most especially during the time of election. This has been an issue that Democrats has anticipated that the Republican will have an ace and this new fuel economy rule will slam the President and the members of Democrats in congress that are running for election.  This rule will affect greatly the cost of new cars and it is expected to increase as well as it will also hold back a lot of Americans to have the vehicle that they like to drive so much which is the SUV.

This new standard for fuel economy rules will do a very good and an important thing that the administration of President Obama’s step to reduce the dependence of United States of America of any oil from foreign countries.  This move will definitely give more advantage for the American families in terms of economy wise. It will save for more than $1.8 trillion for the cost of fuel in every family and this is in total of $8,000 average savings for the entire span of life for a new vehicle that will be sold in the year 2025.

As mentioned earlier, that this has brought a lot of controversies especially to those who are running for elections. The Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney has eagerly opposed these new fuel standards. He has express that this is an extreme act and this would certainly increase the price of newly build cars. He argues that anything that would save the American from the fuel would drive the cost of new cars up to what is cost now. He also expressed that this will limit the choice of vehicle for the American families since we all know that everybody would love to drive an SUV. Like any other debates both sides has their own arguments and facts which left the consumers in total confusion.

To simplify this issue starting in 2017 the requirements for gas mileage will gradually rise. The Obama administration had made a deal between car makers last 2009 to build cars and truck with an average of mpg of 35.5 by the year model 2016.

In either way either Republicans or the Democrats will know if the savings in the fuel will drive the price off the cars that have a high saving fuel capacity. For the reason that both sides don’t have idea what will the price would be in the year 2025 from now. However, the price of gasoline is expected to rise so the people will save from the vehicle that has a 50 mpg than a car that has mpg of 25. The bottom line is that in every leap of technology always have its advantages and disadvantages. Though it is expected that this coming years the price of new vehicle will rise up a bit the consumers will have time to adjust to the changes as well the choice in vehicle.



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