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What’s So Great About a Driving Holiday?

Updated March 27, 2014

More and more countries are encouraging visitors to visit with the aim of exploring the country by car.  Almost all tour operators now have links with car rental companies, allowing people to have the freedom to move away from their resort without having to rely on public transportation.  However, that isn’t a driving holiday.  When you embark on a true driving holiday it is more like a road trip; you don’t have a fixed location during your holiday, you simply move from one location to the next at your own leisure.


Why Driving Holidays Are So Great

But what exactly is so great about this?  Basically, it is the freedom to be able to come and go as you please.  Sure, you will probably have set some sort of itinerary before you travel, but if you find yourself in a location you don’t like, you can just move on.  Similarly, if you have only planned to spend one day in a certain location but decide that you would rather stay a bit longer to see more of the sights, this is no problem either.  You have absolute freedom of what you do and don’t do, where you do it and how long you do it for.

Driving Holidays in Canada

One very popular location for driving holidays is Canada.  You fly to Canada where a large campervan will be waiting for you.  These campervans are like homes on wheels, with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens making them ideal for groups and large families.  If this sounds like fun to you make sure you stay in the country for a good number of weeks, so you actually have the time to see as much of Canada as possible.  Remember that it is a very large country so you really don’t want to rush yourself.  Canada is so safe that you could even park your campervan by the side of a road and simply sleep there.

Driving Holidays in America

America is one of the world’s largest countries and the amount of things that you can see here is unreal.  Take a lot of time on your driving holiday, or do one part of the country one year and another the next year.  You need to have the time to enjoy all of the different sights, otherwise you will just feel rushed and you’ll feel like you haven’t seen anything at all.  In terms of where to sleep, it is often not advised to simply park along the side of the road.  However, there are many trailer camps in America where you can stay for the night for next to nothing.


Driving Holidays in Australia

One last fantastic place for a driving holiday is Australia.  Many people think they need to visit for long periods of time because of the many sights.  However, there aren’t actually that many sights.  The country, however, is so large that you do need a lot of time just to be able to get from one location to the next.  Do remember, as well, that it is not safe to park in an open area in Australia and that you must find a registered camp, or even a hostel to spend the night in.

Whether you want to go on a full driving holiday or simply want to look into carrentals both are fine.  The idea is that you have the freedom to come and go as you please without relying on other people to get you somewhere.



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