What’s So Special About Ford?

Updated March 28, 2014

Ford – the Titan among Car Manufacturers

The name Ford is one of the prominent brands very well known around the world. The US based car maker, with multiple subsidiaries in countries located in various continents, is in its 110th year of operation. The world famous car company has been responsible for some of the most notable innovations that we get to see in vehicles today. Nowadays, we tend to take these features for granted. But, the hard work, visionary zeal, and risk taking behaviour of the people behind this century-old car company are responsible for a variety of classic features that we enjoy in our vehicles.

Auspicious Beginnings


Henry Ford was a pioneer in motor vehicle manufacturing, and improving the efficiency and features of the vehicles through many decades of his life. He created his very first company, “Henry Ford Company” (which is the current Cadillac), in the year 1901. Two years later, he parted ways with his colleagues at the firm and went on to start his new firm in his own name, “The Ford Motor Company”. The colleagues who worked with him at the start-up firm were the Dodges who later went on to build the Dodge brand of vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company started its business operations in Detroit Michigan with a capital investment of only $28,000 and went on creating a few cars on a daily basis. In those days, the car parts were sourced from third party firms, and the company employees used them to build complete vehicles.

Greenfield Village - Original Ford Motor Company

A World Famous Assembly Line

Soon, Ford understood the dynamics of the business, and opted to build the parts in-house. Again, He was responsible for the assembly line production concept followed by the company that helped them to produce cars at very reasonable costs and also in a very short period of time. Soon, Ford’s revolutionary concepts helped the popularity of vehicles and private ownership of vehicles increase at a very fast pace. Ford and his business model helped to bring the price of passenger cars down a lot, into the reach of average Americans.

Innovative Leaders

51 Mercury

The Ford motor company has the distinction of being the first in a variety of categories. They are the first company to have incorporated windshield safety glass in to their vehicles. This was in the year 1930, and a couple of years later, they launched the first mass produced V8 engine that was available for a very reasonable price. Safety of the customers was a serious matter for the company and they proved this again by the introduction of seat belts, both front and rear, for the very first time in 1956. A year later, they came up with child proof door locks to keep their youngest clientele safe during trips. They came up with a retractable hard top on a commercially mass produced vehicle for the first time in the same year. The seat belt light was incorporated in to the dash for the first time in the year 1965.

Continuing Popularity

When it comes to their popularity, Ford’s F series trucks are the preferred monsters for the Americans. Even today, a significant portion of the US men can be seen driving around exclusively in their Ford trucks. They would not part their beloved Fords fitted with BMC air filters for anything else. That is the loyalty the Ford brand name acquired through the last century of its existence. The powerful machines are very reliable in any weather or road condition, and can be certain to take you back to your home safely.

Ford Farther Afield

61 Ford Galaxie Sunliner

Unlike their success with trucks in the US, some other countries prefer their smaller cars. This is especially true in the case of fast developing nations like China, India, South Africa, Brazil etc. In fact, the company has started creating vehicles exclusively for the customers in these developing countries and are able to show results in the form of a steady increase in sales numbers. This is unlike their diminishing sales numbers in the US.

Ford Motor Company even had a share in the first human landing on the moon. Ford aerospace engineers and technicians worked in tandem with NASA to enable their ambitious plans for earth’s outer space and much beyond. In fact, the Houston based NASA mission control centre was the brain child of Ford engineers. They were actively engaged in all stages of the operation like the design, the construction and even the operational phases. Ford engineers and technicians continued their relationship with NASA through the next couple of decades in missions like Gemini and Apollo as well. Later they went on to build a cluster of satellites that are still responsible for human communication going on between civilizations from various parts. The aerospace division of Ford was sold in the year 1990.


With such a proud history behind the brand name, Ford has to be considered a special brand, one of a kind, and it will continue to be so for many years to come.

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