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Where to mate? Geely TX4 to be definitely used in China

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Move over you dirty old VW Jetta and Santana taxis, theres a new taxi cab in town and he means business! The Geely TX4 which was made under contract by Geely for the UK Taxi firm, Magnesium Bronze. According to news reports the TX4 will be first sent to Hong Kong and then it will gradually be used in mainland cities from 2008 – just in time for the all important Olympic games then – should make British tourists feel right at home when they get taken the long way round and charged 10 times more than the fare should have been.

Geely reckon the cost of producing the cab in China to be half the cost of making it in the UK, but they will still cost an arm, and a leg, and drivers will most definitely have to go the long way around to recoup the 40,000GBP that they will cost in the UK.
Magnesium Bronze have set up a joint venture agreement with Geely to make around 10,000 taxis per year, this is in comparison to the 2,500 units that Magnesium Bronzes sub company, London Taxi International, can produce in the UK. In addition to the usual black cab, Geely plans to produce several different colors as well as altering the TX4 for domestic use. We cant wait for the day when we can take our families out in a TX4 – just like in the movie, 28 Days Later.

Update: Yes, we know our spelling is awful.



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