Why You Should Buy a Chevy

Updated February 8, 2017

History of an Iconic Brand

When Louis Chevrolet and William Durant came together in 1911, they had a dream to build a company founded on the principals of quality, craftsmanship and a true love for the luxury vehicle. In a time when custom built cars were reserved for the rich and famous, this famed race-car driver and entrepreneur sought to create a car company that brought fine motor vehicles to the middle class.

After the failure of the Chevy Classic Six-Chevy joined GM and within ten short years became the number one selling car in America. With Louis Chevrolets motto “Never give up” the company has made it through the years and has come out on top as one of America’s favorite and trusted car company. The Chevy Truck has even made appearances in a country song or two.

America’s Future with Chevrolet

The Chevrolet brand has what it takes to bring the American people into the 21st century. With brands that suit all needs-housewives, business professionals, contractors and environmentalists all flock to Chevy to find their next vehicle. The company understands what America needs.

Why Should you Choose Chevy?

When you visit a Chevrolet dealership, not only will you be met with excellent service, you will have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. The Chevy Volt-the World’s most mass produced electric car will take us into the future. Environmentally friendly, sleek and affordable, this car is rapidly becoming one of America’s favorites. The Chevy Cruz is also fast becoming a model of choice for many economically savvy buyers who seek to pay less and get more while avoiding sacrificing quality. The Cruz has ten standard air bags, and the Eco model gets an incredible 42 MPG on the highway. This year, Chevy is also proud to launch The Sonic in North America and the Spark will make its appearance next year. Both cars are part of Chevy’s effort to provide consumers with smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

Chevy trucks, SUVs and crossovers remain popular in America as they are necessary for many families. In order to accommodate children, pets and leave room for packing for road trips some consumers still prefer larger vehicles. The Tahoe can often be seen in the parking lot of local schools. Mom’s love the space, the style and the space it allows them so that they can transport their children and friends! Chevy continues to provide a diverse portfolio of quality vehicles for their loyal customers to choose from.

The promise that Louis Chevrolet gave to “Never Give Up” has been fulfilled through the dedicated professionals who make Chevy the quality brand continues to be loved by all today!!

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