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Wicked Toyota 86 Concept Draws Attention

A digital artist renders up the perfect Toyota 86.

Published September 6, 2017

The Toyota 86 and its fraternal twin, the Subaru BRZ, have always been favorites in the tuner community. Their light weight, rear-wheel drive platform, makes them the perfect canvas for modification. Digital illustrator Jon Sibal cashed in on the appeal of these cars with his own stunning rendition of a custom Toyota 86.

Laying eyes on Sibal’s 86, the first thing you’ll notice is the ride height. The ‘Yota is so low, it would never make it through a speed-bump laden parking lot. The custom body kit adds to the pavement-scraping appearance.

As for shoes, the 86 wears a set gold-plated alloy wheels. The rims are chambered and stuffed inside flared front and rear fenders. To give the coupe a sinister look, Sibal added a red light to each of the headlamp assemblies.

There’s no denying Sibal’s custom Toyota 86 looks great. One question left unanswered though, is what’s it got under the hood?




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