1998 BMW M3 E36 wide-body

Wide Body BMW M3 E36 You’ll Have Nightmares About

Is This E36 Widebody a Work of Art or Your Worst Nightmare?

Updated November 7, 2018

Despite the lengths “tuners” from Fast and Furious franchise went, it seems they hadn’t reached the level of tuning outrageousness we have in this world. Not even scratched it. Look at this thing. It is a BMW E36 M3. A fine car without the mods for sure, but this particular is more of a gimmick, a clown or just an extreme interpretation of what can happen in the tuning world if someone had one (or seven) too many.

1998 BMW M3 E36 widebody

BMW M3 E36 widebody listed for sale on UK eBay for 15,000 British pounds (20,000 euros) features a full custom body kit. Its massive orange slab of hideously shaped plastic almost hid all the styling features of once clean and rather refined E36. Instead of the clean, simple, almost aristocratic lines, this 1998 BMW M3 E36 Convertible has custom rear lights. At least twice the size of the original lights. Massive rear bumper widens the car making it impossible to fit in a normal parking space. The front isn’t any better either. It is super wide and with that splitter the size of a plow, I do not see it actually being able to overcome all the bumps on the roads.

1998 BMW M3 E36 widebody

However, I cannot unsee that hump on the bonnet – this Bimmer cosplays as a dragster for sure. The side of the car is even more insane. Look at the doors. With a slab of strangely shaped plastic, the doors should mimic cutouts usually found on supercars and hypercars. In reality, they channel air and provide cooling for the engine or for the brakes. Here, not so much.

Would You Buy this Bright Orange Custom E36 Widebody?

As if all the shape insanity wasn’t enough, this particular E36 widebody M3 was covered in a striking hue of orange. Some cars could handle this color for sure, but not this one. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, the owner found matching wheels. Actually, the wheels are a right fit for a car like this, although the suspension could be a bit shorter and near the car to the ground a bit. Only for the style. I already concluded no one in the right mind would drive it over city humps and bumps.

1998 BMW M3 E36 widebody

The Bimmer has a Lotus-white leather interior. Goes fine with the rest of it I guess.

But do not think for a second that its owner didn’t garnish it with some seriously expensive stuff. Wheels and tires alone cost more than 5 grand.

Now, if you do not really like this one, you may opt for the 1993 BMW M3 E36 – Euro Spec of course. As I noted in an article before, you will be able to import it next year.

1998 BMW M3 E36 widebody

If nothing, the car is a manual, with 27,000 miles on the clock and the thing has been sitting in a garage for the past 15 years.

Meticulous then?

E36 Widebody Rear View 1998 BMW M3 E36 widebody

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