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10 Best Windshield Wipers [Buying Guide]

Keep Your Windshield Clean And Clear With The Best Wiper Blades

Best Overall Choice

Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 Water Repellency Wiper

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Best Premium Choice

Crystal Clear Automatic Heated Windshield Wiper System

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Best Budget Choice

Anco Wiper Blade

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best windshield wipers

Windshield wipers tend to be overlooked by even the most attentive car owners. Tires, motor oil, and even car air fresheners are typically top-of-mind products drivers will spend extra money to upgrade. So why do we forget about how important and crucial for safe driving wiper blades are?

In the United States alone, an average of 556,151 accidents occurs in rain. That’s not even taking into account how many crashes are caused by snow, sleet, and hail. Though the statistics can’t say how many of those crashes could be avoided by using the best windshield wipers on the market, we can guess it would be quite a few.

Tired and old wiper blades can inhibit safe driving. In fact, they make driving in the rain even more dangerous than it already is. If the rubber on your wiper blades is worn out, it will not effectively clear your windshield. Worn out wipers can also leave streaks that make it almost impossible to see out your windshield.

Knowing all this, you’ll want to invest in a brand-new set of windshield wipers. In this article, we run through all there is to know about this essential auto part. We’ll give you tips on how to find the best windshield wipers for your car and highlight the best wiper blades on the market right now.

How do Windshield Wipers Work?

Nowadays, all wipers are powered by an electric motor. There is a linkage that converts the rotational motion of the motor into the back-and-forth movement of the wipers.

The wiper blades attach to the wiper frame. The blade functions to clear the windshield.  You may have also notice that, in different cars, you’ll find that the wipers move in different ways. This is because car manufacturers choose what pivot point design they desire. Essentially, there are four pivot designs, which are pictured below.

Near the steering wheel, usually on the left-hand side, you can find the wiper controls. The stalk (or lever) allows you to control the wipers’ movement. If it’s pouring outside, you’ll want quick wiper blade movements. If it’s raining just a little, the occasional wipe will do the trick. As the driver, you have full control.

Lastly, most modern vehicles have rain sensors. Usually, this is an IR sensor mounted on the dash, which sends out a beam of infrared light the reflects back differently when raindrops are present on the windshield, triggering the automatic wipers.

As a quick note, don’t forget that some vehicles have two separate sets of wipers: a rear wiper and a windshield wiper.

Types of Wiper Blades

There are three main types of wiper blades. Each has pros and cons, so it’s really up to personal preference on which type you want to install on your car. 

Conventional Wiper Blade: These are the cheapest and most readily available wipers on the market. They use halogen-hardened rubber or rubber squeegees. Unfortunately, they are not incredibly durable, especially under snowy and icy conditions. Thus, they must be replaced more often.

Hybrid Wiper Blade: This type of wiper blade has become more popular in recent years. Structurally, it is built similarly to the conventional wipers. But the twist is that they have an outer shell for more protection. This makes them good to use in snowy and icy conditions as they are more durable and aerodynamic. The downside is that they’re more expensive than conventional blades.

Beam Wiper Blade: By far the most sophisticated and expensive style of wipers are beam wiper blades. These one-piece blades are the sturdiest and longest-lasting wipers on the market. For extreme weather conditions, they are the ones that will perform the best. 

Features to Consider When Purchasing Windshield Wipers

Wiper Blade Size 

It’s crucial to know what blades fit your vehicle. Be sure to future out what size wipers you need before spending time and money in the search for the best wipers for your windshield. You’ll want to get an exact fit for better-performing wipers.

Attachment Style

Wipers usually come in one of two designs when it comes to installation style: straight wiper arm or hooked wiper arm. Some products are universal and come with adaptors for both attachment styles. 

Durability and Sturdiness

You’ll need to look for wipers that are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the weather. How durable of a wiper blade you need will largely depend on where you live. 

For example, drivers in Southern California don’t need blades to clear off snow and ice from their windshield. Meanwhile, someone living in the Midwest will most certainly require heavy-duty wiper blades that can easily handle sleet and ice for the winter.

Typically, the sturdier the wipers, the more expensive the product. Don’t be tempted to buy a cheaper alternative, unless you want to keep changing wipers several times throughout the winter.


Usually, the frame of a wiper is made of aluminum, as it is a lightweight metal.  The blades are, more often than not, made from some kind of rubber. Some manufacturers only use natural rubber, while others opt for synthetic compounds. How hard the rubber is will vary by manufacturer. Again, you will want a durable blade to hold up to the driving conditions. 

Ease of Installation

If you’re not an expert mechanic, stick to wipers that come with easy, straightforward instructions and a complete DIY installation kit. This will make your job a lot easier!

Cost And Refills

Of course, the cost of the wipers is always something to consider. You can find blades costing upwards of $60 and others selling for less than $15. Remember that there will probably be some trade-off between cost and durability. Depending on your budget, it may be worth spending a bit more to get a more durable blade that will last longer. 

The Best Windscreen Wiper Blades On The Market

Now that you know what features to look for and have researched what size windshield wiper will fit your vehicle, it’s time to go shopping! 

Best Overall Choice

1. Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 Water Repellency Wiper

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This is one of the most popular wiping arms on the market today. The ergonomic design and clever pressure distribution system make this windshield wiper a frontrunner in the industry.

Each blade has been designed to hug the curved surface of your windshield so the full length of the blade can wipe off water and snow. The arm and the blade are also covered in Rain-X’s own water-repelling solution. This helps prevent water from building up on the glass between wipes and also prevents streaking.

Lastly, the wiper arm has minimal metal components which help decrease ice build up. The whole system is durable and designed to hold up well in ice, snow, and sleet. This wiper arm is available in eleven sizes, from 14 inches to 28 inches, and has a patented universal adapter for an easy install.

Best Premium Choice

2. Crystal Clear Automatic Heated Windshield Wiper System

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If you live and drive in winter conditions for a good part of the year, this premium heated wiper package from Crystal Clear is one way to beat snow and ice buildup for good. These wiper blades automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 41-degrees to keep your windshield clear of snow and ice.

The wiper blades are made from high-quality compressed rubber and treated with a graphite coating for the clearest, streak-free results. The wipers come with a 3M mounting system for easy install and also include a control module with a manual switch.


Best Budget Choice

3. Anco Wiper Blade

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These Anco wiper blades are a budget-friendly, effective pair of wipers. What stands out the most about these wipers is how thick the frames are. They have been designed to withstand harsh winters.

The rubber blade is also rugged and heavy-duty. It provides a clean, consistent wipe along the entirety of the windshield. Even with ice and snow buildup, the Anco wiper blade ensures the windscreen gets clean. It comes in eight different sizes, from 11 inches to 24 inches.


4. Bosch Icon Wiper Blade

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Who doesn’t know (and trust) Bosch? They are one of the leading engineering companies in the United States and Europe. And this product is proof of that!

Each of these Bosch wiper blades is made with special FX dual rubber, a compound that is designed to stay flexible in all weather conditions. Bosch also claims that this durable rubber component makes these wipers last 40% longer than similar products on the market.

This wiper blade comes with hook adapters for easy installation. These beam-style blades have reinforced springs that make them extra resistant to adverse weather conditions. The blades are designed to contour to your windshield to ensure they don’t miss any spots or leave any streaks.

5. Trico Extreme Ice Wipers

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Do you have trouble with ice in your windshield? You won’t anymore with these wiper blades. These blades were designed with winter in mind, and their durable build and flexible materials make them a no-brainer choice for extreme weather conditions.

The wiper blade is designed to fit snug against the curvature of the windshield. This means that the pressure is distributed evenly along the wiper arm, leading to an efficient, smooth, and even wipe.

Thanks to the design, these windshield wipers are more durable than the competition. This means they can handle ice and snow buildup easily. If you live in an area known for snowstorms, this product has your back. This model is available in twelve sizes, from 13 inches to 28 inches.

6. Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

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The Rain-X Weatherbeater is a solid option for an affordable set of solid wipers. The wiper frame is made from galvanized steel. As a result, it’s highly resistant to corrosion and rust. The all-natural squeegee rubber blade is designed to resist cracking, splitting, and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid, and salt.

The wiper’s arm was designed with multiple pressure points to ensure clean, smooth, and perfect wipes along the entirety of the frame. Installing this product is quick and easy. There is a small built-in J-hook adapter that slides right into your car’s wiper attachment.


7. Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers

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The Bosche Clear Advantage series is another great option from this reputable brand. These durable wiper blades are designed to reduce friction and noise. The rubber blade has been treated with graphite, to ensure a clean and even wipe. The built-in steel spring applies pressure along the entire blade for a clean and even wipe of your windshield every time.

The wipers come with an easy-to-follow instruction guide and include a pre-mounted multi-adapter. Not only does all of this make your life easier when it comes time to install your new wipers, but it also ensures the wiper arms will fit your vehicle.

8. AERO Quality All-Season Premium Beam Wiper

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If you’re looking for a product that handles snow and ice like no other, these AERO beam wiper blades should do the trick. The arms and rubber blade are made from heavy-duty durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions with ease.

The smooth rubber has been treated to clear the windscreen and rear window with precision. It provides a consistent wipe along the entirety of the window for no streaks or smears. They also have an aerodynamic design to help reduce noise and friction. And with their easy install, you’ll be up and running in no time flat.


9. Goodyear Integrity Windshield Wiper Blades

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This set of two windshield wipers is incredibly easy to install, thanks to the built-in adaptor. The frames are made with heavy-duty metal and the blades are made from high-quality rubber to ensure you get a long-lasting performance and a streak-free windshield with every wipe.

Goodyear claims these wipers are designed to work between -20 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit and are built to resist heat-aging, oxidation, chemical attacks, and ozone degradation. They can fit both front and rear windshields.

10. Michelin RainForce All Weather Performance Wiper Blades

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These wiper blades have a compression-molded, all-natural rubber blade coated with Michelin’s patented M-Guard formula for smooth, quiet, and long-lasting wiping performance. The all-metal frames have a vented aerodynamic design to ensure the wiper lies flat against your windshield.

The connector system is easy to use, making for a seamless install. The wipers have a steel frame with a powder coat finish for additional durability and performance. These wipers come in 15 different sizes ranging from 11 inches to 28 inches.

Keep Your Windshield Clear With The Best Wipers

Hopefully, you agree that having a quality set of windshield wipers is a worthwhile investment. Not only will you be eliminating the headache of a streaked and dirty windshield but you will also be ensuring you can drive safely in any weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do windshield wipers last?

On average, they last between 6-12 months. Some models have a longer lifespan, while others will not last as long. How long your windshield wipers last will also depend on how frequently you use them and what type of weather conditions you drive in on a regular basis.

Are windshield wipers universal?

No, there are dozens of different wiper sizes out there, precisely because each car model requires a different design. The golden rule of shopping for wipers is to always check your car’s wiper blade compatibility before purchasing a new set of wipers. Otherwise, you risk spending money on an unusable product.

Are windshield wipers sold in pairs?

Most wipers are sold individually because, nowadays, most cars don’t use the same size blades for each side of the windshield.

Some cars do use the same blade length for both wipers, in which case they may be sold as a pair rather than as a single blade.

How do I install my windshield wipers?

The first thing to do is find out what kind of attachment mechanism your car has. It could have a hook slot connector or a straight-end connector. The DMV provides a handy step-by-step guide on how to unhook your old wiper arms and install the new ones.

To install the new wipers, in most cases, it boils down to sliding the new wiper arms into place until you hear a click. That sound means the new arm is attached in place, which means your job is done.

How do I clean my wiper blades?

You may have noticed that when you run the wipers, they make the windscreen dirty. That’s a sign that your blades are dirty. Clean the rubber using a clean rag soaked in soapy water. Then, use new windshield washer fluid.

Can windscreen wipers freeze to the windshield?

Windshield wipers can freeze to the windshield in the winter. Before turning on your wipers you will want to make sure they are not stuck to the windshield. If your wipers are frozen to your windshield it is recommended to turn on your car and run the defroster until you can thaw the windshield enough to move them.

If you know your car will be sitting in sub-zero temps and wet conditions, you can always lift the wipers away from the windshield. Also, be sure you use winter-specific windshield wiper fluid that is suitable for use in cold temperatures.

What should I do if my windshield wipers are not working properly?

There are four main reasons why your wipers aren’t working properly:

  1. Wiper arm is bent: You may be able to straighten out the arm yourself. Unfortunately, it’s likely they will never return to factory conditions, meaning you may have to invest in a new pair.
  2. Loose wiper arm: A loose arm may look like it needs to be replaced, but it may simply need a new nut or pin.
  3. One of the arms doesn’t work: Check the wiper grille (this is located under the hood and should be visible after you take off the wiper arms. Under it, you will find the linkages — one for each wiper arm. Probably, one of the linkages is disconnected from one of the arms.
  4. Wiper arms don’t move at all: The culprit is likely one of the car’s fuses. Consult your car’s user manual to see how to check the fuses. If they don’t look right, replace them. If they look okay but the wipers still won’t work, it’s time to get a new wiper motor.

How do I know when I need new windshield wipers?

The following may be signs that its time to get new windshield wipers:

  • Streaking or smearing on the windshield
  • Squeaking, slapping, or otherwise noisy wipers
  • Blades lift away from the windshield at speed
  • Slip or torn rubber on the blades
  • Bent or cracked metal arms

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