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Which City Has The WORST Motorists In The USA? The Top 10 Worst Offenders!

Which city has the worst motorists in the USA? How does your town rank?

Updated August 12, 2017

Do you know which city has the worst motorists in the USA? With a sharp rise in roadway collisions and a higher statistic of fatalities, you might want to take extra care in these ten American cities. In another article, we showed off the top cities with the best motorists…and now for the sake of being fair, it’s time for us to name and shame the nation’s worst drivers.

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The top ten list here is supported with data from Allstate Insurance from Northbrook, Illinois. Allstate have cleverly collected and analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau and have managed to calculate who the biggest and worst offenders are on the nation’s roads. They’ve managed to draw these conclusions by calculating an average time that elapses between insurance claims, by measuring the average amount of heavy braking situations per 1000 mile intervals, and by comparing these figures up against the national average. Obviously, Allstate haven’t been able to work out the ranking for every single city in the USA, so instead, they’ve focused on the top 200 cities by populace.

Worst Motorists USA 2

Just for a quick overview, of the cities with the worst motorists in the USA, nearly all of the top ten are located in the north east, or down in California. The best drivers in the country seem to reside in Florida or in the nation’s heartland. But with the average motorists getting involved in a road accident once every ten years, nowhere on the list is particularly safe – so even if you’re the best car driver or motorcyclist in the country, you should still take care out there.

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So, let’s take a look at the worst drivers in the country. According to Allstate, these cities are home to the worst motorists in the USA…If your hometown makes the list, you might want to take extra caution on your local roads…

The Cities With The Worst Motorists In The USA!

#10 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The best of the worst motorists award goes to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Residents from Philadelphia endure a crash once every 6.1 years on average. Philadelphians are also 62.8% more likely to make an insurance claim compared to the national average. On top of that, they also encounter an average of 39.7 hard breaking events per 1000 miles. It’s not great…but it could be worse.

#09 – New Haven, Connecticut

Next up, we’ve got New Haven, Connecticut. Standards have slipped in New Haven; in Allstate’s last list, New Haven weren’t ranked as badly, and the city has actually dropped two places. While the city has the same average time between accidents as Philadelphia, the chances of actually making an insurance claim against the national average are a little bit higher, sitting at 63.2%. Better luck next time, New Haven.

#08 – Los Angeles, California

Having Los Angeles in the worst motorists list shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, LA motorists aren’t as bad as we would’ve thought. On average, LA drivers have a gap of 5.9 years between road traffic accidents. The stats for hard braking weren’t available, sadly, but we do know that LA motorists are 70.9% more likely to make an insurance claim when compared to the national average. Hardly surprising.

#07 – Providence, Rhode Island

If you’re from Providence, Rhode Island, you can expect to be involved in a road accident once every 5.7 years on average – and if you do get involved in an accident, you’re 75.8% more likely to make a claim when compared with the national average. It’s not all bad though, because when it comes to hard braking situations, you only have an average of 19.8 situations per 1000 miles – which is pretty good, especially when compared to Philadelphia who are up in tenth place.

#06 – Glendale, California

We’re back to California for the country’s sixth worst motorists. Glendale’s motorists have an accident once every 5.5 years on average, and their relative claim likelihood is 83.0% when compared to the national average.

#05 – Springfield, Massachusetts

The Northeast doesn’t do particularly well on this list, but if you’re a Springfield resident, you can be safe in the knowledge that there are worse drivers than you out there in your region. While you’re definitely not the worst motorists in the country, making an insurance claim once every 5.3 years is nothing to be proud of, or the 90.2% likelihood of making a claim. The hard braking statistic of 18.9 events per 1000 miles isn’t too bad though.

#04 – Washington D.C

We’ve got the nation’s capital next, and it’s not really a surprise that Washington D.C would rank rather poorly on this list, is it? Staying in exactly the same position as last year, D.C’s motorists clock an accident every 4.3 years on average. 4.3 YEARS! That’s well over double the national average. It’s probably down to the 21.5 instances of hard braking per 1000 miles driven. Or there’s something in the water.

#03 – Worcester, Massachusetts

Yep, Massachusetts again. Worcester, Massachusetts, is the home of the third worst motorists in the USA.  According to Allstate, the scores between Worcester and Washington D.C are pretty similar, with both having an average of 4.3 years between accidents. The difference is that Worcester drivers have more (23.6) instances of hard braking per 1000 miles. And they’re more likely to make a claim too. On the plus side, they’re up one place from last year, so things are getting better.

#02 – Baltimore, Maryland

Unfortunately, Baltimore has slipped down a place from last year. If you’re a resident of this Maryland city, you should hang your head in shame, because you’re the second worst motorists in the USA. Your drivers are involved in an accident once every 4.2 years on average, with 25.6 instances of hard braking per 1000 miles. Still, don’t worry if you’re one of those Baltimore road users, because things could be worse. You could be as bad as the good folk from…

#01 – Boston, Massachusetts

For the second time in a row, Boston, Massachusetts wins the title of playing host to the country’s worst motorists. It’s a fantastic city, but statistically, it has some terrible drivers on the road. According to the report from Allstate, the average Bostonian driver gets involved in a traffic accident once every 3.7 years, which is 167.6% more likely than the national average. So take extra care on the roads in Boston, because it’s the worst place to drive in the USA.

Worst Motorist Stats

And What Professions Have The Worst Drivers?

Like in our last article about the best motorists in the country, we’ve decided to include a little bonus list that shows off which professions produce the worst motorists. Now, unlike the list above which had information pulled from Allstate, we’ve had to borrow some stats from across the pond. According to the British Insurance firm, 1st Central Insurance, we can reveal to you what jobs the worst drivers have. So without further ado, here are the worst motorists by profession…

#10 – Train Drivers

#09 – Pharmacists

#08 – IT Managers

#07 – Bank Managers

#06 – Airline Cabin Crew

#05 – Realtors

#04 – Financial Advisors

#03 – Doctors

#02 – Lawyers

#01 – Accountants

If you’re an accountant from Boston, be ashamed of yourself. You’re letting your city down!


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