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Yamaha 07GEN Concept 1

The Yamaha 07GEN Concept Is A Mobility Scooter For The Refined Gentleman

This Is The Yamaha 07GEN And We Kind Of Want One

Yamaha have unveiled another three wheeled machine: this one is the Yamaha 07GEN concept, and it’s very, very odd. So odd that it’s almost cool, in fact. So, it’s not quite the freshest of concepts because the Yamaha 07GEN was actually unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, we are too busy looking at Yamaha’s other weird three-wheelers that this little gem failed to catch our attention. It’s a shame really, because as odd as this little concept is, we think it would probably sell better than the FZ-07 powered multi-wheel leaning trike that stole the limelight. Consider it more as a mobility scooter for the refined gentleman rather than an honest attempt at a motorcycle, and the 07GEN concept starts to look rather appealing.

Introducing The Yamaha 07GEN Concept – The Gentleman’s Mobility Scooter…

Yamaha 07GEN Concept 1

So you’ve got to that stage in your life where walking is starting to become a hassle, and your Yamaha R1 days are long gone, what are you going to do? Well, you’re going to pop into the barbers for a shave and trim, book an appointment at your most trusted tailor and then make your way down to the Yamaha dealership and pick yourself up a brand spanking new 07GEN electric scooter, that’s what.

Yamaha 07GEN Concept 2 Yamaha 07GEN Concept 3

Why would you settle for a common, plastic lookin’ mobility scooter with a god damn basket on the front when you could bang about town on one of these like a cheeky Victorian rake? Grow out that mustache, get yourself fitted out in tweed, and become the steampunk man-about-town that you were born to be. According to Yamaha, it’s the next big thing:

Yamaha 07GEN Concept 4 Yamaha 07GEN Concept 5

“The 07GEN brings modern classical design through stylish forms and high quality finishes. Encouraging a more active and confident lifestyle, the user will grow with the vehicle through every experience.

Yamaha 07GEN Concept 7 Yamaha 07GEN Concept 6

“Taking the journey slowly, bringing a sense of excitement to every destination. Authenticity at the heart of mobility, 07GEN is a comfortable, elegant three wheel electric commuter that supports seniors with a variety of lifestyles.”

Yamaha 07GEN Concept 8 Yamaha 07GEN Concept 9

Is the Yamaha 07GEN concept just a design exercise, or do Yamaha have big plans for this snazzy little number? We’d put money on this becoming a real thing in the near future. Remember the 01GEN? It became the Yamaha Niken. And what about the 03GEN? Well, that evolved into Yamaha’s Tricity. And the 07GEN? We hope it becomes the future urban vehicle of choice for the elderly gentleman of leisure.


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