Yasid Design Blows Our Minds with a Rendering of NASCAR Land Rover Discovery

Published July 21, 2016

Some things just don’t go well together, like oil and water, vinegar and milk, Land Rover and NASCAR. It seems, however, that we might be wrong about the last one as a rendering by Yasid Design proves otherwise.

Yasid Design is a London-based group of pixel artists who love coming up with revolutionary ideas. If you go to their Instagram page, you will see a bunch of renderings that destroy automotive taboos. These guys do renderings of concept car their followers are longing for. A good example is the image of a NASCAR Land Rover Defender. We realize that a car like that is far from being a realistic concept, but we can’t help but be impressed.

Yasid Design Blows Our Minds with a Rendering of NASCAR Land Rover Discovery

The image is rendered beautifully and the Land Rover on it looks stunning. It sparked an idea in our minds about what would NASCAR be like if only off-road vehicles were involved in the race?



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