‘Yenko’ 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Moves The Bar To 800hp Realm

2017 Yenko Corvette makes Barrett-Jackson appearance

Updated October 16, 2018

Unveiled at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sale in January, the 2017 Yenko/SC Corvette shined its way to the muscle car scene in order to humiliate those pesky Hellcats. To do so, it needed some serious power, but before we get into all this tuning talk, let’s clear up the thing about this Yenko name. See, Yenko Chevrolet of Canonsburg did build some of the best muscle cars in the Sixties. After all, they are most sought after today. However, the company is a bust for quite some time, but the Yenko trademark still exists. It’s owned by General Marketing Capital Incorporated. They, of course, licensed its use for Chevy cars and the Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) got a chance to build some of them. That’s why we have seen that cool Yenko Camaro a few days back.

2017 Yenko Corvette Front 3/4

However, the Yenko name landed on the Corvette Grand Sport too. Well, what was left of it, as the SVE dramatically transformed the car. Based on the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, the Yenko/SC Corvette transcends even over the mighty Z06. The transformation process and the whole kit took more than 6 months to develop. The end result includes an admirable engine tune up.

2017 Yenko Corvette Rear

Obviously, SVE had to install a supercharger, so a 2.9-liter twin-scroll from the LT4 found its way underneath. But before the supercharger magic, SVE designed a stroker kit for the LT1 increasing engine size from 6.2 liters to 6.8 liters. Now, with more capacity and a supercharger, the power surged to 800 hp and insane 750 b-ft of torque for the 2017 Yenko Corvette. Take that Hellcat.

2017 Yenko Corvette Interior

Sure, the engine internals had to be adjusted to endure all this punishment of power. LT1 received forged steel rods and forged steel crank. Forged aluminum pistons sealed the deal. Then, SVE polished heads and transplanted complete fuel system from the Z06 to this Grand Sport based Yenko.

2017 Yenko Corvette Display

Apart from the changes to the engine, the 2017 Yenko Corvette gets Yenko stripes, a cast-aluminum exhaust with four tips and a body kit. It’s subtle. Nothing too extreme, but it does include a new bumper with a diffuser. Of course, SVE will make you know you are driving a Yenko with a number of badges and what not. And yes, expect everything in it that one would get with a Grand Sport. We are talking wide fenders, magnetorheological suspension, Brembo on all corners, dry-sump oil system, and limited-slip diff. It sounds good. But then again, $112,000 sounds good too.

SVE plans to produce 50 units. One can order a 2017 Yenko Corvette with an automatic or seven-speed manual and has to pan out $46,000 for the conversion. Considering the stock Grand Sport sells for $65,450, on top of which is added almost BMW M2 money, it seems a bit steep. But, you’d definitely be proud after a Hellcat owner asks what do you have underneath there.

Interestingly, California emission regulations seem to be too strict for the 2017 Yenko Corvette. It means you can’t buy it there! As for other states, hurry to your local Chevy dealer and ask for it. It’ll certainly be a head-turner wherever it turns up and 800 horses under your right foot is simply too much fun to pass up if you have $100,000+ to spend on a Corvette.


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