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Challenger Hellcat hail damage front 3/4

You Just Missed $25,000 Discount on a Challenger Hellcat

That’s if a little hail damage doesn’t bother you

Published October 18, 2017

Hail damage! That was the trick. A rather fine Dodge Challenger Hellcat with only 41 miles on the clock appeared for sale on and it was going for peanuts. The bid from only a few days ago was $48,000, which meant that the buyer would save more than 25 grand over buying a new one. The catch? Hail damage was extensive and it covered most of the exterior. All the panels could surely be replaced, but that endeavor would most certainly take a whole lot of money.

Challenger Hellcat hail damage Front 3/4
Unfortunately, the pictures are not exactly high-quality stuff, so we cannot truly assess the damage, but from what we can see the whole upper part of the vehicle is in need of a serious repair job.

Is This Challenger Hailcat the Perfect Project Car?

Interestingly enough, apart from hail damage, the whole car seems to be in like-new condition. The interior is nicely upholstered, it features the 8-speed automatic transmission and all the drivetrain components are untouched. Apart from the obvious hail damage, the car is mechanically pristine.

Challenger Hellcat hail damage rear 3/4
Taking into account that damaged or crashed Hellcats sell for only a tiny bit less money, this hail damage does not seem so bad. Actually, imagine having an-all new Dodge Challenger Hellcat to make an ultimate hot rod out of. This could even be a project car, although, we are quite sure someone will try to repair it. Especially because the damage is only cosmetic.

Challenger Hellcat hail damage gauge cluster
Obviously, we would’ve preferred a manual example, but at such an insane discount, can you really complain? Would you buy it? And if so, would you try to repair it? As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t have to look pretty to roast tires, and it still does that just fine.

Challenger Hellcat hail damage window sticker Challenger Hellcat hail damage engine bay Challenger Hellcat hail damage rear seat Challenger Hellcat hail damage cabin Challenger Hellcat hail damage rear quarter Challenger Hellcat hail damage front quarter

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