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Published November 1, 2016

It looks good and this is the most important thing about the first Mercedes-Benz pickup truck. It has to look good – maybe the best ever in order to avoid bringing massive shame to Mercedes-Benz name. Considering the first two concept cars of the X-class, Mercedes-Benz designers did the job right.


What exactly is X-class? This is a question many have asked for months. The answer is straight – a rebadged and heavily modified Nissan Navara mid-size pick-up truck. This is not as bad as it sounds as the Nissan Navara acts as one of the sexiest and the most usable trucks to be sold outside the US soil. Its architecture underpins the X-class and it will underpin the Renault Alaskan when it comes to the streets.


Mercedes-Benz released two X-class concept cars. One is Powerful Explorer and other the Stylish Adventurer. You can guess which one is which. Revealing two concept cars with slightly different exterior looks reveals something peculiar about the X-class. The car will be more of a trend setting tool and an “image enhancer” than a working truck. We cannot explain this awesome look employing characteristics of the best Merc vehicles of today in different terms. Honestly, it has massive intakes on the bumper like AMG cars, angry lights like the GT S and front grille on the Stylish Adventurer which was stolen straight from the new AMG E63 S car. Mercedes-Benz is going bold with it. Obviously, if you need one for asphalt covered roads the white one is the answer. Yet, the Powerful Explorer is a totally different beast.


As it turns out, the high-spec X-class will feature a wide array of off-roading gear. These include 4Matic all wheel drive, a reduction gear and two differential locks. If you are thinking now about the G-wagen, you are right. The driver will be able to lock left and right wheels and deliver all the power spinning them at the same speed. This is equivalent to off-road porn basically.


Obviously, that winch up front, off-road tires and rugged looking back with small rear lights (compared to massive ones on the other concept) speak for themselves. If you are into exploring the Arctic circle, you’d be better off with the Powerful Explorer. Even the inside ditched the plush leather-covered dash and employed a fire extinguisher on what it seems like a carbon-fiber dash.


Regardless of what model you like, one thing is for certain – the X-class is ferociously luxurious. So much so that we can see stuff from the C-class in it. This is very important for the “stylish pickup” image it tends to have. The premise is to go to the woods on weekends to do some work and then park it in a parking lot at the city center without looking like a douche. While you may think this thing is not for any kind of work, you are in the wrong.


See, the Chevy Colorado, for example, has a load capacity of 1600-1700 lbs. Any other similarly sized truck has the same range. But the X-class can handle more than 2,400 lbs and then tow over 7,700 lbs. This is a big deal for a mid-sized truck. Powering the rig is a V6 diesel. That is all we know for now, but through deduction, we can expect a turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and a four-cylinder petrol engine. It has to happen as the car, planned for sale in late 2017, will get first to Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Germany, France and the UK.


However, RoadandTrack did report that Mercedes-Benz USA is thinking about bringing the car here, but one major problem is the “Chicken tax”. The car would be far more expensive than anything other in the segment. And this is why we doubt it will enter the market despite all the civil car luxury, safety technology and infotainment things it will be loaded with.

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