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Young Americans Prefer The Internet Over Buying A Car

Updated October 2, 2013

Buying a car used to be a rite of passage for many young Americans. It meant the freedom to drive to school and work, hang out with your friends, cruise and even go on a date.  Young people took pride in their cars; it was a sign of status and gave you that “cool edge”. Those days are long gone. Ipads, cell phones and MAC computers have replaced cars as ultimate status symbols. Let’s take a look at why less Americans are driving.

The Internet In Lieu Of Cruising

Owning a car used to be the only way that people could hang out with their friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Teens would cruise the streets while talking to their friends or drive over to each other’s houses. Nowadays teens are always connected via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter not to mention cell phone texting.  The internet has allowed people to constantly update their status and communicate in real-time; driving actually takes away from that “social time”.

The Recession Hit Hard

Parents are less likely to buy their teens new cars due to the recession. In addition, many young adults with college degrees are having difficulty securing a job that pays them enough to buy a car. Those who can afford a new car generally opt for something practical and relatively affordable such as the Nissan Altima. We’re also seeing a trend towards greener and more eco-conscious cars; many young adults that can afford to buy a new vehicle are choosing hybrids such as the Toyota Prius.  There are also many alternatives to owning a car such as Zipcar; a service that allows people to rent a car on an as need basis.

More Young Adults In Urban Areas

Many younger adults who live in urban areas have the option of relying on public transit. Many are choosing to live in the big city for longer periods of time whereas previous generations were more in a rush to have a family and move to the suburbs by a certain age.

Many automotive companies have added internet connectivity and social media access to their cars in order to cater to the younger demographic.  In addition to net access, passengers will also be able to access their social networks and receive status updates via their speakers. Auto makers are also producing more compact and affordable cars in order to appeal to this market. It will be interesting to see if the younger demographic will start buying more cars once the economy picks up.

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