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Zotye to put ex Fiat Multipla on sale ASAP, prices are low, names changed

Published October 14, 2010

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Zotye Mutiplan launched yesterday

It seems there was a minor amount of confusion earlier this year when we posted news of the Fiat Multipla launching under the Zotye name, apparently it had only just come down the production line and at the time had yet to go on sale, however as of  yesterday the Mutiplan is officially on sale after having its China launch in Hangzhou.

The Mutiplan, (note that there is no L anymore, most likely dropped due to another company already registering Multiplan so Zotye just dropped the L and called it the Mu-ti-plan, close enough for most consumers) will be available in five and six figure configuration, power is being derived from a 1.6L Mitsubishi engine producing 103bhp in both six and five seater versions. The six seater will be priced from 70,000rmb to just under 90,000rmb where as the five seater will be priced from 70,000rmb to 88,000rmb, each version will have three different variants.

The Zotye incarnation of the Multipla is certainly making for a better looking vehicle that Fiats original carnation, and we hope that the low pricing will go someway to push Zotye out of its micro SUV mold and into a new direction. Zotye also have several other former Fiat vehicles in the design phase, we may have seen the Fiat Palio based sedans at the Beijing Auto Show, but Zotye have a few more suprises up their sleeves including a Fiat Palio based pick up truck and also a Lancia sedan and wagon.




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