ZX Auto’s TUV Confuses Itself With a Ford Raptor

Updated September 9, 2018

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ZX Auto have proven themselves on the battle field as part of Libyas unofficial cavalry, we even had a review of one ZX Auto by a Libyan user who took part in the Civil War to rout Gadaffi from his thrown. Chinese media were told to scale back their reporting on the role of ZX Auto in the Libyan civil war which didnt give ZX Auto the big boost it needed, but ZX Auto did make a big show of their battlefield experience at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. Over the past few years ZX Auto has tried to emerge from under the shadow of its larger, more famous neighbor at Great Wall but they still have a lot of catching up to do. ZX Auto introduced the big grill style of chrome front end to give it a Dodge style nose but that wasnt enough to distance itself from the crowd.

Now ZX Auto have given their new TUV a cool orange paint scheme along with some Ford F150 Raptor inspired decals on the rear end. The Raptor has become the official toy of urban playboys across China, the 40,000USD truck regularly sells for north of 100,000USD in the PRC for those that wish to stand out from the crowd with a gigantic toy that burns gas faster than fireworks on Chinese New Years Eve. The TUV on the other hand makes use of a gigantic 2.8L four cylinder turbo diesel engine from Isuzu that makes an impressive 95bhp, not quite Raptor levels, but it does make 225Nm of torque. The good news is that the interior is relatively good and seems to take some inspiration from Toyota models in terms of arrangement and style,?Libyan freedom fighters will also be pleased to learn that the TUV comes with media input and also steering wheel controls to manage your media and Bluetooth calls.

Pictures via where they recently tested the new TUV. They say its an impressive drive with decent equipment levels, although they were disappointed with the lack of seatbelts for rear passengers.




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