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100 Years of the Lincoln Motor Company

The Brand Celebrates Its Legacy and Commits to Electrification

1956 Continental Mark II
1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

February 4, 2022, marks the 100th year since Henry Ford purchased the Lincoln Motor Company. Under the Lincoln badge, Ford and his son, Edsel, sought to make vehicles that attracted buyers not only for their practicality but also for their curb appeal.

As Edsel once said, “Father made the most popular cars in the world; I want to make the best.”

Lincoln Motor Company: 100 Years of Luxury

William Clay Ford, Sr. (left) devises plans for the iconic Lincoln Continental Mark II.

Lincoln played a key role in shaping the luxury automotive frontier, both in style and under the hood.

“We are at a defining moment in our history,” said Lincoln president, Joy Falotico. “We look back at Lincoln’s past and find inspiration for the future and, to reflect on what we have accomplished — maintaining a balance between the brand’s core values and redefining our vehicle and experiences for the next generation of luxury clients.”

And as the timeline below suggests, the brand accomplished a lot in their first century.

Throughout 2022, the company will continue to share historical photos, facts, and footage of its most defining moments through the years.

Lincoln Looks Ahead

2022 Lincoln Navigator

Today, the brand prides itself on pushing the boundaries of elegant engineering throughout the years and prepares to carry that tradition into the era of electrification.

Although there is no information yet available on what we can expect to see from Lincoln’s forthcoming EV segment, officials aim to have a “full portfolio of electrified vehicles globally” by 2030.

In the near term, Lincoln will launch ActiveGlide hand-free driver-assist tech in this year’s Navigator as it continues to expand on its catalog of digital systems as well as increase its production for international markets.

The timing of our 100th anniversary couldn’t be more ideal as we shift to an electrified future, and I look forward to shepherding the brand into the next 100 years,” said Falotico.

Lincoln Motor Company: 100th Anniversary Content

Below are a few of our favorite models from Lincoln’s past century. For the full collection of celebratory content, head to Lincoln.com/100-Anniversary, and follow Lincoln on Instagram and Twitter.

1923 Lincoln Model L Touring Car
1941 Lincoln Continental
1956 Continental Mark II
1964 Lincoln Continental Stretch Limousine

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