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Mustang Baja Off-Road Racer Is An Idea So Wrong It Is Right

This Baja Mustang will blow your expectations right out of the water

With a reputation for being able to master straight lines and not much more, the Ford Mustang is one which leaves a lot to be desired (imagine leaving a cars and coffee event in one). True, the latest S550 Ford Mustang which was introduced in 2015 fixed most of the issues by adding an independent rear suspension which was a first for Mustang models. With improved cornering ability, Ford offered a well-rounded car. However, some want even more and they took it to a whole another level. To this, we turn to jacked up car models which are just in the rendering stage. Similarly for the newest Baja treatment to sports cars, we turn to a digital artist called Kd Kalim.

Taking the discontinued S197 (fifth generation) Ford Mustang, the pixel artist created a stunningly beautiful rendering of a Mustang Baja car that looks like it came straight out of Mad Max. With a threatening stance and huge off-road tires, the car shows off a pretty tall ride. The tires are mounted on beadlock wheels and underneath the push bar, a differential is visible which points us to the fact that the car must have been envisioned as having an all-wheel-drive system. This is a no-brainer for an off-road car which would enable it to mount difficult terrain and loose soil. A set of spare tires are peaking from the back which is a must for off-road fun. Would this present a challenge to the Ford F-150 Raptor? We’re sure that a car of such a built would be a hot potato to handle for any existing off-road vehicle.

What we really can appreciate about this Baja Mustang design is just how fun it could be as a trail destroyer or really awesome sand rail. While you wouldn’t necessarily want to go rock crawling in something like this (or perhaps you would), a whole new world of possibilities opens up when you slap off-road tires on a Mustang. Of course, you’d need to do a whole lot more than that to get to the status of this Baja Mustang.

Seriously though, you’ve already got a great V8 under the hood and, if you use one of the Shelby variants as your base, you might even end up with something supercharged to boot. It’s not exactly rally-spec but we can definitely envision this Baja Mustang doing all sorts of off-road shenanigans. Adding this level of capability makes it a far more versatile car and, while the Raptor may already be capable in its own right, it really couldn’t compare to something built as low-slung and sporty as the Mustang.

This would basically be Ford’s very own Rally Fighter, and seeing as the Local Motors Rally Fighter already comes with a Corvette-sourced V8 under the hood, these muscle Baja builds actually have a lot in common. The only real difference that matters is that the Rally Fighter actually exists and this one is just a pipedream for now.

Whether anyone will build such a crazy off-road Mustang Baja car like this is not known. However what we know is that there is an emerging trend of jacking up sports cars which is slowly gathering speed. Look for more amazing vehicles to come.

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