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More Carbon More Special: 2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition

Add Even More Precision Engineering & More Carbon & You Get The Latest -Maybe Last- R35 Nissan GT-R

2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition

The 2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition was just revealed in Yokohama, Japan. Only a “very limited number” will be available in North America starting in Fall of 2021. This will likely be the last and penultimate edition of the road-going R35 GT-R.

2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition

A solid Stealth Gray paint will be the exclusive color on the 2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition. Red line accents on the wheels, in the front air ducts, on the side mirrors, and along with splitter and lower side moldings also make this special edition stand out from the crowd. Nissan’s new brand logo is also on the trunk lid and wheel center caps, for the first time on the GT-R.

The car also features exclusive 20-inch RAYS forged wheels, now with a red accent stripe. An exposed carbon fiber hood stands out from the crowd and keeps the weight down.

Special Edition Engine

The GT-R NISMO’s 3.8L twin-turbo V6, rated at 600 hp and 481 lb.-ft. of torque, remains at the heart of this latest Nissan supercar. The 2022 GT-R Special Edition engine gets some specially upgraded internals that are “dialed in with tighter tolerances.” Supposedly this is to deliver “snappier revs and quicker turbo spooling.” Each engine continues to be hand-assembled by master technicians, known as ‘takumi.’ Each Special Edition GT-R will come with a takumi certification plate in the Stealth Gray paint color on the front of the engine.

Get Some

Pricing will be available closer to the on-sale date in the Fall. We expect the price to be north of $230,000, as the current 2021 GT-R NISMO will cost you at least $211,000.

Talk to your local Nissan dealer and get your name on the list quickly if you want to snag one of these high-tech supercars, but make sure you like the color, as it’s your only choice. Find your local dealer HERE.

Bonus: The new 2022 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition in Gold will be available in McDonald’s “Happy Set” in Japan. Time to travel to get one of these limited-edition Tokima toys in the McDonald’s kids meal.

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