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2019 Camaro Z/28 Engine Will Be A 700hp N/A Monster

I think we’ve all been waiting to hear about the 2019 Camaro Z/28 options

The latest generation of muscle cars broke all boundaries and bring the power of supercars into the muscle car game. The latest Camaro ZL1 1LE revealed only days ago at the Daytona 500 was the last example of it. However, we are still waiting for another iconic version of the Camaro, and we’ll find that in the 2019 Camaro Z/28! It will come, maybe in 2018 as an MY2019 model. As CarandDriver reports, the new 2019 Camaro Z/28 shall come with a new LT6 naturally aspirated engine developing whopping 700hp.

Yes, that is right on track with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but we all know the Camaro is a better-sorted car compared to the Challenger. Apart from the LT6, the GM will probably unveil the twin-turbo LT7 for the Corvette ZR1. Now, it may be that GM shares that engine with the Z/28, but every fiber of any true muscle car freak screams for the N/A engine.

Nevertheless, the engine will get the latest tech. So, with an aluminum head, four-valve combustion chambers and titanium connecting rods, the engine promises to be quite amazing. It will definitely have more than 5.5 liters of capacity, direct fuel injection, flat crankshaft and other cool stuff. Apart from the new engine and probably specially rigged transmission, the 2019 Camaro Z/28 will get an even more aggressive body kit compared to the one on the ZL1. So, bigger wheels, better cooling, probably a massive wing and more will garnish it.

And expect some kind of cool drift and burnout button. Apparently every car has one these days ever since the Focus RS popularized it, so the Z 28 should be no exception.

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