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2021 Honda Ridgeline Pricing: Starts At $36,490 And AWD Is Now Standard

Honda’s Popular Ridgeline Gets Standard All-Wheel Drive But The Upgrade Doesn’t Come Free

2021 Honda Ridgeline pricing
Honda Rugged

It was not too long ago that Honda unveiled the radically refreshed 2021 Honda Ridgeline. The extensive list of updates are aimed at making Honda’s lone pickup entry look like a more convincing member of the mid-sized pickup truck segment while hopefully pumping up sales volume. It remains to be seen whether Honda was successful in its efforts or not, but the Japanese auto giant did reveal final pricing for the model, with buyers having to pay the price to experience some of the Ridgeline’s newfound confidence.

2021 Ridgeline Pricing: Standard AWD = Higher Sticker Price

One of the major changes that the Ridgeline received for 2021 was the removal of front-wheel-drive from the build list, with all 2021 models being equipped with standard all-wheel-drive (AWD). The 2021 Honda Ridgeline is one of only two trucks in the mid-sized segment to offer standard AWD across the entire lineup, with the Jeep Gladiator being the other.

Making AWD standard on the Ridgeline did increase the prices across the board, with the base Sport model starting at $36,490. That is a $2,500 increase over the 2020 model, before you add the $1,175 destination fee into the fray. AWD was a $2,240 option on the 2020 Ridgeline Sport. When viewed from this perspective the base price increase is only $260 over the 2020 Ridgeline.

As expected, 2021 Ridgeline pricing goes up as you climb the rest of the trim ladder, with the RTL model adding $3,000 to the sticker for a total of $39,470 and the RTL-E boasting an even higher $42,420 sticker price. Last but not least, the range-topping Black Edition now comes in with a base price of $43,920.

The Competition $

Buyers looking to crunch the numbers against the competition can use this handy pricing comparison list, showing base 4-door AWD mid-sized pickups:

  • 2021 GMC Canyon Elevation 4WD Crew Cab 3.6L V6 ($37,000)
  • 2021 Honda Ridgeline Sport AWD 3.5L V6  ($36,490)
  • 2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport 4×4 3.6L V6 ($33,565)
  • 2021 Toyota Tacoma SR Access Cab 4WD 3.5L V6  ($32,415)
  • 2021 Chevrolet Colorado WT 4WD Crew Cab 3.6L V6 ($32,100)
  • 2020 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab S 4×4 3.8L V6 ($31,290)
  • 2021 Ford Ranger XL 4WD Super Crew 2.3L 4-cylinder Turbo ($31,075) (V6 not available)

HPD Package Sharpens Ridgeline’s Focus On Customization

Honda is also hoping that buyers will be distracted from the pricing by the higher degree of customization that will be a part of the Ridgeline experience with the Honda Performance Development (HPD) Package leading the way. This particular option allows the Ridgeline to achieve its full styling potential with bronze wheels, larger fender flares, HPD badges, and vinyl graphics. This whole suite of aesthetic enhancements costs an additional $2,800, but gives the 2021 Ridgeline a more athletic look.

In addition to the HPD Package, Honda also confirmed that it would continue to offer buyers a massive laundry list of accessories for the Ridgeline. This includes two different bed extenders, numerous interior extras, and other accessories aimed at enhancing cargo-carrying ease. It will be interesting to see if the optional $324 CD player carries over from its 2020 predecessor, especially in an age where CDs are a virtually extinct digital medium.

2021 Honda Ridgeline Pricing & Deliveries

Along with the pricing, Honda also revealed that the 2021 Ridgeline would begin making its way to dealerships on February 2nd, 2021. When it does, the Ridgeline will be wielding carryover goods, with the 2021 model retaining the outgoing model’s 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6, which makes 280 hp and 262 lb.-ft. of torque. A 9-speed automatic continues to be the sole transmission available and is will continue delivering a solid balance of fuel economy and shift quality.

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