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2021 Triumph Motorcycle Lineup: What You Need To Know

Bonneville, Street and Speed Triple, Trident, and Rocket 3 Motorcycles See Tech, Performance, & Color Updates

2021 Triumph Motorcycles Speed Triple 1200 RS
Speed Triple 1200 RS

Most of the 2021 Triumph Motorcycle lineup has now been announced. What we see is a full line of Bonneville, Street and Speed Triple, the Trident, and the Rocket 3 motorcycles with some technology, performance, and some color updates, but no big changes.

With that said, there is still plenty of refinements worth talking about in the 2021 Triumph motorcycle lineup. Most notably the lower Street Triple R and the cost-efficiency of the Trident. These two bikes will no doubt attract both new and seasoned riders to the Triumph brand. Let’s dive into what’s new and why you should care, if you’re in the market for a new Triumph Motorcycle.

2021 Triumph Motorcycles

2021 Triumph Bonneville Family

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville Family

The “new” 2021 Triumph Bonneville lineup is all about evolved performance. In the Bonneville family the T120, T100, Street Twin, Speedmaster, and the Bobber were updated. We’ll have to wait until April to find out what’s in store for the 2021 Triumph Bonneville Scrambler motorcycles.

For the biker that loves the wind in their hair but still cares about mother nature, the Bonneville family of bikes has reduced their emissions output with a sensitively designed liquid cooling system. At the same time Triumph has managed to enhance the engine performance in its High Torque twin-engine and add 10 hp more power in other engines. In summary, the 2021 Triumph Bonneville family gets more vroom and less “smoke” out the exhaust.

Each 2021 Bonneville has a new cruise control system as standard. A nice luxury feature on those long highway journies. The cruise control feature is set via its own dedicated button on the handlebar, making it extremely user-friendly for the rider. Handlebar selectable riding modes allow the rider to select between Rain and Road modes, allowing for bike setup on the fly as riding conditions change.

The long road trip on the 2021 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin just got plushy for the tushy. A deeper foam and redesigned bench seat should make it much more comfortable. Big street bikes like the Bonneville Street Twin aren’t light, so a 15-pound unsprung weight reduction through new lightweight aluminum wheels will no doubt improve the ride.

Also coming standard across the 2021 Bonneville motorcycle lineup is a torque-assist clutch. If you commute in traffic, this feature will become your favorite enhancement on the bike. The torque-assist clutch helps reduce rider fatigue when shifting, especially in heavy traffic or on longer journeys. The torque-assist clutch, more commonly known as a slipper clutch, acts as both a back-torque limiter and a self-servo mechanism that enables a lighter clutch lever pull. This relieves pressure on the clutch plates to reduce back-torque and help prevent the rear tire from hopping and skidding when you release the clutch.

2021 Triumph Street & Speed Triple

2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS

It is confusing, we get it. Triumph has two bike platforms that are similarly named, the Street Triple and the Speed Triple. The Street Triple is a little smaller in engine size and a little more basic. The Speed Triple a higher performance machine with a few more options. Here is what you need to know about the 2021 Triumph Speed or Street Triple, it is incredibly fun, no matter what model you get!

2021 Street Triple

On the track and on the road, the Street Triple is a quality versatile bike. The Street Triple is incredibly agile, making it a dynamic all-around performance bike for different riding environments. Three models of the Street Triple are available for 2021, up from just one last year; RS, R, and R low height.

The new 2021 Street Triple R low height model rides 1.77-inches lower to the ground due to its dedicated suspension and a seat setup. While this does not sound like much, for shorter riders this will make a huge difference in their comfort on the bike, especially at stoplights.

The Street Triple runs at 765CC in contrast to the 1160CC the Speed Triple runs.

2021 Speed Triple

The Speed Triple RS is new a new model for 2021. A new 3-cylinder engine, combined with the reduced weight of the all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS, delivers the highest power-to-weight ratio in the Speed Triple’s history, over 25% greater than the previous generation, and nearly double the original 1994 Triumph Speed Triple.

The new 1200 RS comes equipped with a step change, a limiter in how much torque is available between gear shifts so you are in more control, in Speed Triple technology, including all-new 5-inch TFT instruments, new Triumph Shift Assist up-and-down quickshifter, Optimised Cornering ABS, switchable Optimised Cornering Traction Control (with IMU), 5 riding modes – including Track mode, new distinctive full LED lighting, full keyless system, and the My Triumph Connectivity System fitted as standard. While these are not new features, picture them as phone software updates. They may not make your phone look better but the performance is improved.

On the 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS, the enhanced front-wheel lift control is designed to enhance rider control of its new 1160cc triple engine. Advanced new algorithms continuously monitor the signals from the IMU to ensure smoother control and faster progress through the gears. The settings are linked to and optimized for each traction control mode, allowing the level of intervention to be tailored to the conditions and riding style, so no more accidental wheelies.

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS features 5 distinct riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Track, and Rider. Each riding mode adjusts the behavior of the bike to suit the intended use. The bike uses a ride-by-wire throttle system that can be adjusted according to the selected riding mode, as well as the traction control and ABS settings.

2021 Triumph Trident 660

If you are on the fence about getting into motorcycles as a lifestyle, you might want to consider the Trident 660. The 660 is akin to the Toyota Camry. Easy to drive, handles great, and won’t break the bank. Starting at just over $8,500, the 2021 Triumph Trident 660 is clean, sleek, and doesn’t come with unnecessary fluff.

The best part about the 2021 Trident motorcycle might be how incredibly easy it is to wrench on, if you’re so inclined to learn how to be your own mechanic. Even if you don’t want to be the full-time mechanic on the bike, over the first 3-years of ownership the Trident has the lowest level of workshop time in the category, with 8.3 total hours compared to a range of 11-15.8 hrs required by its competitors. This also makes the 2021 Triumph Trident service requirements 25% more cost-effective.

New for 2021 the Trident will be available in four color schemes: Silver Ice with Diablo Red, Matt Jett Black with Silver Ice, Crystal White, and Sapphire Black. The Trident 660 is the most bang for your buck in the 2021 Triumph motorcycles lineup, hands down.

2021 Triumph Rocket 3

There are 7.9 billion people in the world and a lucky few, 2,000 total to be specific, 1,000 per bike, will be owners of the new limited edition 2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black. Each bike comes with a unique certificate of authenticity and a unique VIN, bringing the owner super exclusivity along with a new menacing look to the Rocket 3.

Guaranteed to be head turners on the road, these limited editions do not skimp on performance. You still get the full 2,500cc triple engine performance along with high-specification technology and top-end handling that has taken the Rocket 3 to the top of its category.

Aside from exclusivity, the Rocket 3 has a few performance features you should be aware of. The Rocket 3 R has incredible acceleration shown by setting a staggering new Triumph production motorcycle record of 0-60 mph in just 2.73 seconds. The new Rocket limited edition line-up’s 2,500cc triple engine delivers powerful performance. Not only is the Rocket the largest production motorcycle engine in the World, but it also delivers the world’s highest torque at 163 lb.-ft. Maximum torque arrives at 4,000 rpm and is held constantly through the mid-range, giving smooth and controlled acceleration and effortless riding in any gear.

The Rocket 3 also features the torque-assist clutch discussed above. The Rocket 3 R Black comes with an all-black color scheme while Rocket 3 GT Triple Black features a distinctive three-shades paint scheme. The bike is a definite head-turner when you see it in person.

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