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2022 Range Rover SV: Next Level Personalized Luxury SUV

Vehicle Design and Craftsmanship At The Very Highest Level

2022 Range Rover SV

The Range Rover continues to evolve into one of the world’s very finest luxury SUVs. The all-new fifth-generation 2022 Ranger Rover SV is the ultimate expression of this drive towards luxury and personalization, and a big leap further away from the simple, rugged, lightweight Range Rover Classic that was born in the ’70s.

I got to crawl around the new Range Rover SV at the recent unveiling in LA and can tell you that while the images look stunning, it looks and feels even better in person.

Yes, in 2022 Land Rover will have top-spec Range Rovers that can compete with the likes of Maybach and Rolls Royce on all fronts. Luxury, build quality, personalization, and more. Oh, and since it’s a Land Rover it will also have the impressive off-road capability that you’d expect from the marque, which sadly pretty much no one will utilize with these extremely expensive luxury SUVs.

2022 Range Rover SV

The 2022 Range Rover SV will come standard with a 523 hp, 553 lb.-ft. of torque, 4.4L twin-turbo V8 and be offered in two wheelbases, Standard or Long Wheel Base (LWB). The LWB can be configured with seating for 4 or 7 passengers.

It’s really all about the personalization options and high-quality details that make the chiseled design of the Range Rover SV come alive. Land Rover says that this new SUV is available in “1.6 million different configurations.” What we know is there are a lot of different options when configuring a new Range Rover, especially the SV models.

“The levels of craftsmanship and detail found in the new Range Rover SV reflects a fresh and luxurious approach to our modern design philosophy,” said Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover Design. ” By Expanding the choice of innovative and exquisite material finishes and curated choices available to our clients, they now have further opportunity to personalize their Range Rover SV to reflect their own character.”


Of course, you get the classic clamshell hood, short front overhang, and floating roofline that have been hallmarks of all Range Rovers. The 2022 also gets a boat tail rear end that helps make the chiseled from a solid design language look even more elegant.

Wheels, wheels, wheels! The Range Rover SV can be speced with seven different wheel options from the factory. One impressive option is the triple-finish 23-inch Diamond Turned Dark Grey Gloss alloys that have a ten-spoke design and feature theme-matched inserts.

You can choose to have your SV painted in any standard Range Rover color, or 14 additional SV-specific colors. Everything from vibrant gloss to more subtle luxury satin finishes are available. If you want to spend the big bucks, and have something truly unique, the SV Bespoke Match to Sample paint service offers near limitless paint options. A contrasting black or bronze roof can also be optioned across the board.

Metal-plating of the trim on the grilles, lower tailgate, rear fender ingot, and bodyside graphic is unique to the Range Rover SV. Metal-plating color options are Atlas Silver or Anthracite.

The 2022 Range Rover SV will be the first vehicle to carry a new ceramic SV roundel, a new simplified ‘SV’ designation for all Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Land Rover models in the future. A special front bumper with a five-bar grille design will also help differentiate the SV from the standard Range Rover models.


Special Interior Details

White controls are made of ceramic.

The interior of the Range Rover SV is even more special and dripping with luxury than the exterior. My favorite special touch is the ceramic finishes on a bunch of interior touch surfaces. Not only does this look unique, luxurious, and clean, but also feels amazing to the touch and should be extremely durable. Land Rover says it the process to make these ceramic parts takes 10-weeks to complete, a long time for some factory standard car parts.

Another cool interior detail worth noting is the optional center console mosaic wood inlay. This detail is made up of hundreds of laser-cut FSC-certified wenge pieces of veneer that are hand-laid into a mosaic marquetry pattern. On the LWB 4-seat configured Range Rover SV this wood mosaic carries through to the rear deployable table and fridge doors.

Yes, the Range Rover SV can be ordered with such features as a pop-up table and refrigerator. Of course, the luxury options list doesn’t stop there, and includes things like heated calve and footrest, all of which are controlled through a built-in rear-seat touchscreen tablet.

Special Interior Fabrics

2022 Range Rover SV Intrepid interior

The interior surfaces are mostly covered in leather or leather-like material. The standard Range Rover SV interior offers up a monotone semi-aniline leather with uniquely shaped seats and SV-specific stitch patterns. Also available are near-aniline leather options. These options are softer and have a more natural feel, as they have fewer treatments and less pigmentation added.

2022 Range Rover SV Serenity interior

Besides leather, you can option your Range Rover SV with Ultrafabrics. This is a sustainable leather alternative that feels like leather while being 30% lighter and generating a quarter of the CO2 in its production. The leather-like Ultrafabric is complemented by Kvadrat Remix textile on the seatbacks and headrests.

Curated Design Themes

2022 Range Rover SV Serenity

There are two main design themes available on the 2022 Range Rover SV, SV Serenity and SV Intrepid. The themes can be chosen independently for the exterior and interior or applied to the entire vehicle. Seven different design theme combinations can be chosen.

2022 Range Rover SV Intrepid

The SV Serenity theme “amplifies pure luxury detailing” while the SV Intrepid theme “exudes a stealth-like character.” SV Serenity uses silver detailing and bronze accents while SV Intrepid utilizes dark accents like Anthracite and Graphite Atlas.

Range Rover Coming Soon

Pricing and availability will be revealed when order books open in early 2022. We’ll have to wait until 2024 for a battery-electric version.

You can go configure your own Range Rover SV now though on the International Range Rover online configurator.

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