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Dream Cars Part 2. The AERO 3S T-Rex.

Call it a t-rex car or motorcycle, whatever it is I want one

AERO 3S 2011

So, here we are folks, back again with another great read from your author’s favorite novice writer conveniently located at your fingertips, right here at autowise. In today’s segment I’m going to step away from the SEMA Show, and Grind my Gears for a bit with a continuing series called Dream Cars.

For those of you who didn’t read the first volume, let me just simply refresh your memory. Volume one was based on one of my all time favorite cars, the 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti. A car that by no means should ever be considered as a wimpy car. (CLICK HERE TO READ Part 1) So in volume two I’m going to mull over another one of my dream cars, and oddly enough, this vehicle almost doesn’t fall into the category of cars. For part 2 of Dream Cars, the AERO 3S T-Rex Car shall take center stage, or as some call it the T Rex motorcycle.

Now as I just mentioned the T-Rex doesn’t necessarily fall into the whole car category,

Being that it’s half car, and half motorcycle. For those out there who haven’t Googled what a T-Rex is, here’s the quick version of the synopsis. A T-Rex is a side by side, two seater, open air vehicle that only has three(3) wheels. While the front half seats two, the rear is all business. The T-Rex was, and still is an original design from motorcycle manufacturer Compagna, who to this day still makes some pretty sweet ass bikes. Now as you will see in the pics provided, the CT-Rex (Compagna T-Rex) has a look of a wild reptilian creature that’s just waiting to strike, and unfortunately that is NOT the one I actually like.

The one I fell in love with is the remodeled AERO 3S T-Rex. This version is a completely enclosed design that allows the driver to now drive in weather that was too harsh to be in, while motoring around in the open air model. The 1352cc four cylinder, four stroke engine still remains in the back, acting like a jet pack for Buck Rogers or something. Even the power for the AERO 3S is great, and all, I love the look of the AERO 3S. It sports severely angular lines that seem to make your mouth water as you try to follow every single one to its final resting point. The floating front wheel arches, just blend into the body that just sits no more than a few inches away.

To compliment the look even further the AERO 3S T-Rex comes with 180 degree scissor style doors for easy access getting in or out. I personally have been in contact with the designers of the AERO 3S, and they love everything about the T-Rex over in Canada, where their home base is. With that said you can possibly understand why this team created an enclosed version of the already great original. In emailing the crew from AERO I asked what was the probability of customizing one of these great vehicles, and the answer I got was simple. Come up with something, and we’ll work with you on your personal design. Of course after hearing that I was truly elated, and then unfortunately I woke up, and had to go to work.

Nevertheless the AREO 3S T-Rex is like one of the most under rated small powered, land missiles a person could buy. The normal open air model that comes straight from Compagna runs about $50,000USD, but the AERO version is about $64,000USD. A fair trade off for keeping the elements out of your face, and looking like a mini stealth bomber just landed on the road. I mean this “car” has been documented pushing a 3.2 second zero to 60mph time, and pulling off a 1g’s in some turning scenarios. Do I really need to say anymore?


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