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8 Reasons Why The American Ford Mustang Is Better Than The European Version

The Euro Mustang Isn’t Nearly As Good As The Good Ol’ US Version.

The Europeans finally have their own Ford Mustang. However, the Americans are still teasing by saying that their Ford Mustang is better than Europe’s Ford Mustang. We are, therefore, going to compare the two Mustangs to see which one is better.

The American Mustang/Europe Mustang Differences!

  • The right-hand drive cars in Europe miss out on the Recaro seat option.
  • While citizens in America enjoy the GT350 or V6 Mustang, Europe folks don’t have the same chance.
  • Mustangs in Europe have different differentials, i.e. a 3.55:1 versus the U.S.’s optional 3.73:1.
  • When it comes to the side mirrors, those of the European Mustang seem a little bit different than the original side mirrors of the American Mustang.
  • Since the pedestrian safety regulations body in Europe has banned hood vents, the European Ford Mustang comes without it unlike in America where people are enjoying hood vents on their Mustangs.
  • The U.S. V8 Mustang is more powerful than the U.K. V8 Mustang. It has 25 more horsepower and 9 lb-ft of torque more than the U.K. Mustang.
  • U.K.’s version rear headlights are clear with amber blinkers, while those in America have that cool sequential “slide-style” blinker. Up front Europe gets reflectors instead of cool daytime running lights in the “three-slash” design.
  • Finally, affordability. The same pickup base V8 is more expensive in Europe than in America. It goes for $47,000 in England and $33,000 in America.

Having discussed their differences, we see that it is better to own a Mustang in America than in Europe.

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