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9 Top Mods for Your Pickup Truck

Truck Modifications Worth Doing!

Bed Extender

The pickup truck. So American. So manly (or womanly for you ladies). So ready to work and play all at the same time. But, after you get your truck, you don’t want it looking, sounding or just generally acting like all of the other lame trucks out on the road, right? Nah, of course not. Which is why you’re reading this list of 9 best aftermarket parts for your truck, to begin modding your truck. Alterations to your truck are rarely permanent but some changes can cost more than others to restore.

Try Out These Truck Modifications!

Cold Air Intake:

One of the first things that needs to go, is the old restrictive intake system. When you purchase a new intake that sucks colder air from the outside, you actually help your engine breathe better and increase power just a bit. As far as adding power is concerned, this is one of the biggest bangs for the buck you can buy. And it makes your engine bay look nice and beefy – which makes it one of the best truck mods possible, surely?

Exhaust System:

Let’s face it, most manly (or womanly) trucks have big, powerful engines stuffed between the front fenders. The last thing we want is for our beloved trucks to sound like a big ol’ sissy, when they should sound like tough mother truckers. The positive, is that when you put a less restrictive exhaust system on your truck, you help it exhale better which can increase your power and improve your fuel economy.

Bed Liner:

This is a no-brainer, and a lot of pickup manufacturers are adding this as an option when you buy your truck. There are a few different types of truck bed liners you can go for, like a plastic insert than can come out when you want it to, or a permanent spray on. Each one has its positive and negatives. Usually, when you go to pull the plastic liner out, it scratches the bed pretty bad making all the protection you just gave it null and void. And, the spray on kinds are permanent so once it’s on, it’s on.

Tail Gate Protector:

If you’re anything like me, you actually do work on your tailgate. This means hammers, screw drivers, files and anything else needed for the job comes into contact with the painted metal of my tailgate. But, there are companies out there who make tailgate protectors to keep it front getting dents and dings.


Some of the most fun you can have in a pickup truck takes place off road, when you’re surrounded by nature and mud. The only issue is that stock suspension systems usually suck to the tune of only giving you slightly better clearance than a Subaru Outback. This is unacceptable to the manly (or womanly) and needs to be changed. ASAP.

Heavy Duty Hitch:

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to tow something around with you. A boat? A trailer? Your home away from home? Who knows? One thing is for certain, you ain’t towing any of that stuff with a dinky little hitch. When you’re out car buying, you should always be on the lookout for a ride with a hitch, but adding a heavy duty hitch really makes life better.

Tool Box:

Well, unfortunately, it can’t be all fun and games all the time. Sometimes, we actually need to get some work done. But, taking it a step further than just storing tools, they are also ideal for when you need some extra storage space, outside of storing tools. I know a guy with a regular cab pickup who would get his groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly, and stick most of his goods in his tool box for the ride home.

Bed Extender:

For those rare times when 8 feet of bed space just ain’t gonna cut it for whatever you got going on. One of these babies will make it so that you can have extra space, without having to worry as much about losing your junk all over the interstate. If you need to load up your dirt bikes, or need extra space on your road trip, an extender is a great truck modifications that will set you in good stead. At the very least you can use one of these to protect your rear bumper!


The aforementioned suspension is great. But if your tires suck you’re still screwed. So, do us all a favor and get rid of those wimpy little “all-terrain” tires and shove something with a little meat on it down there. Mkay? Of course, the downside is that any fuel consumption you just saved when you bought your intake and exhaust just went out the window because extra rotating mass equals worse mpg ratings. But hey, you do own a truck, right?

That’s 9 starter truck mods that we would recommend. I know our readers won’t be quiet so what were the first mods you made to your pickup truck or which modifications do you recommend for others?

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