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9 Best Bottle Jacks For Your Vehicle [Buying Guide]

Make Working On Your Vehicle Easy With A Quality Bottle Jack

Best Overall Choice

Powerbuilt Alltrade 3-Ton All-In-One Bottle Jack

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Best Premium Choice

US JACK 12-Ton Bottle Jack

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Best Budget Choice

Pro-Lift 4-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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A reliable bottle jack is an essential piece of safety equipment that all car buffs or home mechanics should have. That’s why we’ve searched the web to find the 9 best bottle jacks on the market. Using a hydraulic bottle jack to lift your vehicle for maintenance or home repair is an excellent choice because bottle jacks are highly portable, reliable, and easy to use.

Remember, it is important to always secure a lifted vehicle with jack stands. Bottle jacks are meant for lifting and lowering the car. They are not meant to secure it in place when you are performing maintenance, especially if you are underneath the car — jack stands are necessary and should always be used in conjunction with a bottle jack or other vehicle lift device.

Bottle jacks aren’t large, but they are capable of lifting heavy loads. With this buying guide, you’ll be able to find the best bottle jacks to fit your specific needs. Be sure to pay close attention to the capacity, height range, and clearance in order to find the bottle jack that will best suit your vehicle.

Choosing The Best Bottle Jacks For Your Vehicle

Above all, safety is the ultimate necessity and your top priority when purchasing a bottle jack. It is also crucial to get a bottle jack that fits your car’s specifications. When choosing the best bottle jack for your needs, the first thing to consider is the load capacity and type of vehicle you want to lift. Some bottle jacks are specifically meant for trucks that will have higher clearance and also weigh more. Other bottle jacks are meant to fit under cars with lower clearance.

You’ll also want to consider the build quality and material of the bottle jacks. A high-quality bottle jack will always be painted in order to prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, some of the best bottle jacks have either carrying handles or storage containers to make it easier for you to maneuver them when performing any kind of automotive maintenance.

Best Overall Choice

1. Powerbuilt Alltrade 3-Ton All-In-One Bottle Jack

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Coming in as one of the best bottle jacks on the market, this unique 3-ton bottle jack from Powerbuilt combines both a bottle jack and a jack stand into a single unit. This unit, which is made with a steel base, can be used with both regular and unibody cars and trucks, and it’s 3-ton weight rating and 11 to 21-inch height range make it ideal for use with light trucks and off-road vehicles. Along with the bottle jack, once your vehicle is lifted, you can also use this stand to secure the vehicle thanks to the integrated jack stand feature.

All Powerbuilt products meet both ASME and Portable Automotive Lifting Devices (PALD) safety standards. In addition, the design provides both concave and flat lifting surfaces to accommodate numerous factory-approved lifting points. The bottle jack has a safety bar that securely locks the jack at the desired height. This unit is compact, versatile, and safe.

While this unit does double as a jack stand, you will still need to purchase one to three additional jack stands to use along with this bottle jack.

Best Premium Choice

2. US JACK 12-Ton Bottle Jack

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Designed and manufactured in the US, the US JACK bottle jack comes with a heavy-duty, ductile-iron base for maximum stability. This durable bottle jack weighs around 23-pounds which is on the heavier side for a bottle jack. With that, it has a 12-ton capacity so you can rest assured that it will easily lift large trucks or SUVs. The bottle jack features a fluid bypass and a stop ring that prevents any damage from piston over-travel. Each bottle jack also comes with an included handle for ease of use.

Because of the compact design of this bottle jack, it is ideal for residential automotive repairs. And with its 12-ton capacity, it is also heavy-duty enough to be used commercially for construction vehicles, trailers, or farming equipment. This bottle jack is painted to prevent any rust and corrosion. And even though this is one of the sturdiest bottle jacks out there, be sure to use jack stands alongside it when performing any maintenance tasks.

Best Budget Choice

3. Pro-Lift 4-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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This bottle jack from Pro-Lift is one of the more budget-friendly bottle jacks out there. And, with a 4-ton capacity, it is capable of lifting most cars. The device itself is rather simple, making for a user-friendly experience. The design includes a steel-lifting saddle and extension screw for a lift height ranging from 8 to 15-inches. The highest stress areas of the bottle jack are heat-treated to improve durability.

Meeting ANSI and PALD safety standards, this bottle jack will help you get the job done. Since it weighs only eight pounds, it is easy to transport and store when not in use. It also has a convenient carrying handle. Pro-Lift backs this bottle jack with a 90-day warranty. As always, be sure to use jack stands alongside this bottle jack when performing any maintenance on your car.

4. BIG RED Torin 8-Ton Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

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This BIG RED Torin bottle jack favors simplicity and performance. You can choose the appropriate weight capacity for your specific projects, with load options ranging from 4-ton to 50-ton capacity. The small size and the large capabilities make this bottle jack ideal for automotive repairs in your home garage. It is a hydraulic bottle jack with a serrated, heat-treated saddle that allows for a secure grip and a substantial lifting area. The middle of the load-range 8-ton jack has a lifting range is from 9 to 18 inches.

With the welded corrosion-resistant main body is made of alloyed steel, you can expect a high-quality, leak-free performance. And it has a built-in oil bypass and overload valve to prevent the jack from exceeding its performance limits. The pressure pump is designed to lift without overexertion to further improve the longevity of this bottle jack.

The BIG RED Torin bottle jack meets ASME and PASE safety standards. Along with that, the bottle jack comes with a one-year limited warranty.


5. Omega 6-Ton Capacity Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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Constructed from hard-cast steel, this hydraulic bottle jack from Omega has a 6-ton capacity. Along with that, the heat-treated stress areas and the polished cylinder mean this bottle jack is durable and made to last. It uses a cross-type forged release valve to safely and smoothly lift and lower your car.

The lifting height extends from 8 to 17 inches. The bottle jack itself weighs only 12-pounds which makes it easy to transport and use. Omega offers a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. While this bottle jacket is designed with safety in mind, always be sure to use jack stands alongside it to secure your car.

6. Baoshishan Double-Ram 3-Ton Bottle Jack With Carrying Case

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Coming in numerous sizes ranging from 3-ton to 20-ton capacity, the Baoshishan Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a top-notch bottle jack option. The 3-ton and 4-ton bottle jack come with a carrying case for easy transport and storage when the jack is not in use. The maximum and minimum height vary depending on the size, so be sure to select the one that fits your car maintenance needs. This particular bottle jack is welded with a large base, for added stability.

Constructed with high-quality alloy steel, you can expect to keep this durable bottle jack around for a long time. It has an anti-slip top to ensure your car stays put on the secure jack platform. In addition to being excellent for residential use in your decked-out home garage, the larger load-capacity Baoshishan bottle jacks can be used for large trucks, heavy off-road vehicles, and RVs.

Each bottle jack comes with a one-year warranty, and Baoshishan offers technical support for any questions or issues you may have. This bottle jack is designed to meet ANSI/PALD standards.

7. Torin 2-Ton Capacity Bottle Jack With Storage Case

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If you’re looking for a quality bottle jack for automotive projects, the Torin 2-Ton Bottle Jack is an excellent option. It has a cast-iron base for optimal safety. Along with that, the rest of the bottle jack is made of steel. The two-piece handle makes this bottle jack extremely user-friendly and easy to pump. And the extension screw top provides a minimum 7-inch height and maximum 13-inch height.

The bottle jack has a built-in oil bypass and overload valve to protect and maintain the hydraulic system. The carrying case allows you to safely transport and easily store the bottle jack when not in use. And the six-pound weight of the bottle jack itself makes it incredibly easy to move around your garage

Torin makes sure each bottle jack meets ASME/PASE safety standards, and the jack comes with a one-year limited warranty. As always, be sure to use this bottle jack alongside jack stands.

8. AmazonBasics 8-Ton Capacity Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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With this bottle jack from AmazonBasics, you can choose between a load capacity of 8-tons or 10-tons depending on your needs. Both sizes come with a lifting height range from 8.9-inches to 17.3-inches. This device is corrosion-resistant and is able to work in temperatures from 40 to 108-degrees Fahrenheit. It is made of alloy steel and is welded on both the inside and outside for added durability.

This heavy-duty bottle jack works great for heavy, high-clearance vehicles. Whether you have a home garage or an auto-shop, this is a great jack to have on hand for any repairs. The bottle jack itself weighs around ten pounds so you can easily transport and store it when not in use. Each bottle jack from AmazonBasics is backed by a one-year warranty.

9. BIG RED Torin 12-Ton Pneumatic Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Manual Hand Pump

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While a 12-ton capacity bottle jack will likely far exceed the weight capacity you will ever need, you’ll also never question if it’s strong enough for any task that ever comes your way. The BIG RED Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack is unique in that it also can be operated either manually or pneumatically. To control the heavy-duty air motor of the pneumatic system, you simply press a button which significantly decreases lifting time.

This hefty device can be used for cars, trucks, and SUVs of all sizes. Along with that, because of the 12-ton capacity, this can also be used for heavy-duty machinery including travel trailers, farm vehicles, industrial construction equipment, and semi-trucks. The wide base further contributes to the jack’s durability and stability. With this device, the dual-spring system helps safely and smoothly lower your vehicle after you are done. And it features chromed cylinder rams that are fully polished and sealed to avoid rust and corrosion.

This bottle jack meets both ASME and PASE standards and includes a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Get The Best Bottle Jacks For All Your Automotive Projects

Having one of the best bottle jacks in your garage will give you peace of mind that you are set for all your repair or maintenance projects. To further deck out your garage, stock up on the best mechanic tool sets, torque wrenches, and socket sets, and you’ll be prepared to take your home mechanic skills to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a bottle jack?

First and foremost, your vehicle needs to be parked on a hard and flat surface that is suitable for performing maintenance. This can be a level driveway or garage. It is very important that the bottle jack is placed on solid, level ground.

To determine your vehicle’s safe lifting points, refer to your owner’s manual. If an incorrect lifting point is used, this could cause the car to tip over or cause damage to your car’s chassis. The location of proper lifting points will vary from car to car. Along with that, read the user manual of your bottle jack prior to use.

To use a bottle jack, first adjust the height of the saddle as needed. Next, locate the valve and turn it clockwise until it is tightened. The valve is usually found at the bottom of the bottle jack.

After that, place the handle into the pump shaft. The location of the pump shaft will vary. Once the handle is properly placed, you can now pump up and down to raise the jack. Continue pumping until your vehicle has reached the height you need to perform your maintenance tasks.

Once you’ve reached the desired height, you can remove the handle and place the tip back on the valve. To keep the vehicle as secure as possible when you are working underneath the car, always use car jack stands to keep it in place.

What do you use a bottle jack for?

Bottle jacks can be used to lift both low-clearance and high-clearance vehicles. With that being said, most bottle jacks are designed for use with higher clearance vehicles such as trucks and larger SUVs. This is due to their vertical design as they may be too tall to easily fit under a low-clearance vehicle. For low-clearance vehicles, consider using a floor jack instead.

What is the difference between a floor jack and a bottle jack?

A floor jack and a bottle jack both have the same core function of lifting your vehicle so you can place it on jack stands. Depending on your own preference, the specific task, and the type of vehicle, you may prefer one type of jack over the other.

Floor jacks, across the board, are the more expensive option. They also tend to be more user-friendly. Because the design of a floor jack is flatter and wider, it works well with low-clearance vehicles. They also tend to lift the vehicle quicker. Along with that, floor jacks often have wheels on them for ease of movement, as they typically are heavier and more awkward to move around than bottle jacks.

Bottle jacks tend to be the cheaper option. This, however, does not mean that they are low-quality. In fact, they tend to have higher weight capacities. Because they are much smaller than floor jacks, they are easier to transport and store when not in use. Due to their vertical, bottle jacks may not fit under your vehicles, especially if you have a car with low ground clearance.

Do I need to use a bottle jack and jack stands?

It is necessary that you use jack stands alongside a bottle jack if you are performing any kind of maintenance underneath the vehicle. If you are just changing a tire, you could do so without jack stands, but we recommend using jack stands no matter what.

Bottle jacks are meant for lifting and lowering the car. They are not meant for securing it in place when performing maintenance underneath the car — jack stands are an absolute necessity for safety.

What size bottle jack do I need?

Usually, a bottle jack with a 4-ton capacity will get the job done for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. With that being said, you can get bottle jacks with weight capacities up to 50-tons. So it really depends on the weight of the vehicle that you own what load capacity bottle jack you want to go with. To determine the weight of your vehicle, refer to your owner’s manual, and look for your vehicle’s GVW. Using a jack that is overrated for the load it needs to lift is never a bad idea.

How do I add oil to the bottle jack?

To add oil to the bottle jack, refer to your bottle jack owner’s manual. Normally, you’ll need to pull the lift of the jack down in an upright position and look for the oil filler hole which is usually at the top of the reservoir. Once you locate that, remove the plug and fill the reservoir with oil. Then, place the plug back. It is important to not overfill the reservoir because this can lead to the hydraulic lock not working properly.

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