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10 Best Car Cup Holders [Buying Guide]

Never Worry About Messes And Spills Again With These Superb Car Cup Holders

Best Overall Choice

SMART KUP Car Cup Holder

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Best Budget Choice

Camco Adjustable Car Cup Holder

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Best Premium Choice

Seven Sparta 2 Pack Car Cup Holder

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best car cup holder

Most cars have some kind of cup holder in the front center console. But if you’ve ever struggled to fit your favorite mug or water bottle into your car’s stock cup holder, you know that not all car cup holders are created equal. That’s why we’ve searched the web far and wide to find you the best car cup holder on the market today! Now you can take your favorite drinks on the road — and not have to worry about spills. Whether you want to add a few extra car cup holders or you want cup holders to accommodate large bottles, we’ve got you covered.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Car Cup Holder

When trying to figure out which car cup holder is best for you, there are a few factors to consider. First, determine what type of car cup holder you want. The types include adapters, consoles, hanging, or mounted cup holders. Along with that, consider the material. You may want a lighter weight material with a more compact design. Or you may want a heavy-duty cup holder with rubber backing for optimal protection. Other important factors include the size, additional storage, and the installation process.

Types of Car Cup Holders

When it comes to finding the best car cup holder for you, it’s important to know the different types you have to choose from.

The most common type of car cup holder is an adaptor. This type of cup holder generally attaches in some way to your existing cup holders. They usually have adjustable bases, retractable holders, and can fit one beverage. Adaptors usually work well to expand the holding capacity of your current cupholder. With an adaptor, you should be able to fit a large water bottle or travel mug. To use a cup holder adaptor, your car must be configured with cup holders where you can install the adaptor.

The second type is a mounted car cup holder. These cup holders are mounted with either adhesive tape or screws. Typically, they are retractable and can easily be folded up when not in use. With a mounted car cup holder, you have some flexibility in where you place it. Generally, people add car cup holders near the A/C vents, on the side door, or somewhere around the dashboard. Keep in mind that if you install it on your door, you will need to place it somewhere that it will not obstruct your access to operate your windows and door.

The third type is a console car cup holder. These aftermarket stand-alone consoles can be placed in your car wherever it is most convenient. You can put it on your passenger seat if you’re riding solo or in your back middle seat if you have a full car! Along with multiple cup holders, these devices usually have additional storage for other things as well.

The final type is a hanging car cup holder. These holders usually have a small hook that latches onto the car door. These are the least popular option because they prevent your window from working properly and tend to not be as durable and secure.

The 10 Best Car Cup Holders On The Market

Below, we’ve highlighted the 10 best car cup holders money can buy. Depending on your preferences, you can find one (or more) car cup holders on our guide that should suit your beverage transportation needs. Along with our buying guide, we’ve also answered your most frequently asked questions surrounding the various aftermarket car cup holders on the market. Keep reading to learn how to elevate your car cup holder game!

Best Overall Choice

1. SMART KUP Car Cup Holder

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For mornings when there just isn’t enough time to slowly drink your cup of joe, the Smart Kup is the ideal solution. This simplistic design is among the top-selling car cup holders, and for good reason! It is an adaptor-type cup holder that slides right into your stock cup holders.

The Smart Kup is designed to hold larger water bottles including 40-ounce Hydro Flasks and 32-ounce Nalgenes. The upper cup is three inches tall to prevent cups from tipping over in turns. And the cup holder will securely hold bottles up to 3.8-inches in diameter. The durable cup holder is made from ABS plastic.

This particular car cup holder comes in three colors — black, charcoal, or teal. It even has a one-inch cut out so you can fit mugs with handles! The tapered base, which ranges from 3.2 to 2.6-inches, will ensure you get a snug install in your OEM cup holder. These cup holders are sold individually.

Best Budget Choice

2. Camco Adjustable Car Cup Holder

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The Camco cup holder is a budget-friendly, space-saving, and highly versatile option. It comes in khaki (pictured), black, gray, white, or brown to match your car’s interior. It is easily adjustable and large enough to hold nearly any mug, cup, or bottle.

You have a lot of versatility in terms of where you want to install this device which can be mounted with tape or screws. Best of all, it folds up when not in use to save space.

Many reviewers opted to purchase more than one of these cup holders so they could one on every car door. If you have an older car, you may decide to use screws for installation. Otherwise, 3M adhesive strips will work great.

Best Premium Choice

3. Seven Sparta 2 Pack Car Cup Holder

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These Seven Sparta car cup holder adapters come in a pack of two. Depending on your preference, you can choose black, silver, or a black/silver combination for the color. The expandable base fits center console cupholders that are 2.5-inches to 3.75-inches in size.

The secure rubber tabs keep this cup holder secure without the need for any additional install. Also, the rubber tabs on the top of the cup holder will keep your beverage secure, no matter how bumpy the road gets.

This adaptor-style cup holder fits most 32 to 40-ounce water bottles and can fit the largest fast-food soda cups. And with every purchase, Seven Sparta offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Iokone Leather Car Cup Holder

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This nifty car cup holder from Iokone adds extra storage to your center console. You can install it on the driver’s side, passenger’s side, or both! Many users opt to purchase two for either side of the console. Each one includes two additional cup holders and a middle catch-all storage area.

This leather cup holder attachment comes in black, gray, or beige. Along with leather, it is also made of high-quality, durable plastic to keep your drinks secure. The middle storage area between the two cup holders is large enough to conveniently store your phone and other small loose items.

To ensure this will fit your vehicle, refer to the sizing information on the product page. Along with providing a large amount of storage, this cup holder is also very sleek and stylish — perfect for the person who spends loads of time in their car!


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This car cup holder adapter is sleek and highly durable. Essentially Engineered created this cup holder with four rubber tabs to keep all oversized mugs, bottles, and cups securely in place.

Whether you have a Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, CamelBak, or any other water bottle, this cup holder can store them. And installation couldn’t be easier. Just place this adapter in your existing car cup holder and adjust the base by twisting the top until the adapter is secure.

Before purchasing, double-check that this adapter will fit your current cup holder. With this adaptor, you can keep your favorite beverage easily accessible without worrying about it spilling and making a huge mess.

6. TSI Cup Holder & Console

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This all-in-one TSI console device is called the Clutter Catcher Console because, in addition to the two cup holders, it also has additional space for all the other loose items in your car.

This console keeps things neatly organized and easy accessibility, as it can be placed on any seat in your car. Or, if you have a full house, you can place it on the ground or the trunk as needed. If you’re driving solo, you can place this in the passenger seat. If you’re carting around passengers, we recommend placing it in the back middle seat.

The middle storage area even has slots on the bottom that allow you to charge your phone. And if you’re wondering how this console stays put, it has a handy seat-belt loop so you can quickly and easily secure it. This cup holder item is made of durable plastic and is manufactured in the USA.

7. BottlePro Adjustable & Extendable Cup Holder

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The Bottle Pro cup holder is an adapter that can be inserted into most car cup holders. It has an easily adjustable three-ring base. This is Bottle Pro’s newest model as of 2021 and is designed with fewer moving parts to prevent jamming and reduce the likelihood of any parts breaking.

With every purchase, Bottle Pro includes a soft fit foam sleeve to ensure that the adapter will have a snug fit even in car cup holders that are between sizes of the adjustable ring.

To be sure this will fit your cup holder and your water bottle or cups, check the product measurements. It is important to note that this cup holder will not fit 20 or 30-ounce Yeti Ramblers or 14-ounce Yeti mugs.

8. Zone Tech Folding Car Cup Holder

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Made by Zone Tech, this car cup holder has a very unique design. The adjustable arm gives you the ability to move this cup holder wherever is most convenient for both the driver and the passengers.

Along with that, the cup holder itself can also expand to fit most sizes of bottles and cups. The durable holder is made of high-quality plastic. And when you aren’t using it for drinks, you can also use it to store other things like your phone, gum, or spare change!

And all you have to do for installation? Just use the suction cup to attach it to any window of the car. The suction cup design also makes for easy installation and removal whenever needed.

9. 2CUPS Multiple Car Cup Holder

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The 2Cups multi-cup holder has two cup holders and an additional storage tray. The lower cup holder fits large tumblers, bottles, and cups up to 4 inches wide. This includes 32 to 40-ounce bottles and tumblers. The extra tray can attach and detach depending on your needs. And it swivels, so you can always keep it out of the way.

The adjustable base can fit cup holders from 2.7 to 4.0-inches depending on the size of your center console cup holder. All you have to do to install this cup holder is use the adjustment dial. Be sure to measure your car’s cup holder before purchasing to be certain this will fit your car.

10. The LEDGE Auto Cup Holder

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The Ledge hanging cup holder has a patented design that requires no installation. All you need to do is place it alongside the window insert and you are good to go!

The cup holder fits snugly between the window glass and rubber seal of most vehicles. Make sure that you take the necessary measurements before purchasing. For detailed measurements, refer to the product page.

This particular cup holder is specially designed to keep top-heavy drinks secure while you drive. The protective felt strip keeps this cup holder so you don’t have to worry about spills. Each item is manufactured in the United States by a family-owned business. With that, you can expect quality customer service should any questions arise.

Say Goodbye to Avoidable Messes And Spills

While most cars come with cup holders, there are many reasons you may want to buy an additional cup holder or cup holder adaptor. Whether you simply want more cup holders or you want to increase your existing cup holder’s capacity, these 10 best cup holders are a great place to get started. Check out our other buying guides that detail all the best products out there, including anti-theft devices, car seat protectors, car emergency kits, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for and benefits of purchasing a car cup holder?

Aftermarket car cup holders make your car’s installed cup holders more functional and able to hold larger bottles. They also help make them more secure, preventing messes and spills.  Along with that, you can also choose to add additional cup holders, a great option if you have a big family.

What are the most common types of car cup holders?

The most common types of car cup holders are adaptors, consoles, mounted and hanging cup holders. In our comprehensive guide, we’ve highlighted all of the options!

What is the best cup holder phone mount?

We recommend the WeatherTech cup holder phone mount. Interested in other high-quality WeatherTech car accessories? Check out our buying guide that highlights the 10 Best WeatherTech Accessories including everything from coasters to cargo carriers.

What's the best way to clean a car cup holder?

The best way to clean car cup holders is by using a damp rag with warm water and soap or vinegar. If your cup holders are super dirty or sticky, fill the cup holders with soap and water or vinegar and let them soak for a few minutes before using a rag to absorb the liquid and gunk. If needed, you can also use a small detailing brush to clean the hard-to-reach crevices.

How can I measure my cup holders to make sure the adaptable car cup holders will fit?

It is important to get the correct size when purchasing a car cup holder. To get the right size, use a tape measure to measure the diameter and width of your current cup holder.

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