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10 Best Ratchet Straps [Buying Guide]

Keep Your Precious Cargo Secure at All Times With Quality Ratchet Straps

Best Overall Choice

Rhino USA Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps

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Best Budget Choice

AUGO Ratchet Straps

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Best Premium Choice

Mac's Ratchet Straps

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best ratchet straps

When it comes to transporting valuable, large items of any kind, ratchet straps are a necessity. That’s why we’ve searched the web to find you the 10 best ratchet straps on the market today. Instead of using bungee cords, which can easily snap, ratchet straps provide far more security when transporting cargo thanks to their excellent tension control and durability. They are often called “tie-downs” because they keep your precious cargo tied down when you hit the road.

Ratchet straps are used to securely fasten large loads on cars, trailers, and trucks. Regardless of whether you work a job that requires hauling lots of cargo, you are planning a move across the country, or you need to secure a motorcycle or other four-wheel vehicle to a trailer, heavy-duty tie-down ratchet straps will provide you the holding power you need.

Key Features to Look For in the Best Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps come with varying strength, capacity, and length. Along with that, there are a few additional features to look out for when buying the best ratchet straps to fit your needs.

First and foremost, you’ll want to get ratchet straps with adequate length and capacity. Though ratchet straps are undeniably stronger than the alternatives, if your load exceeds the strength rating of your ratchet straps, they could potentially break. Ratchet straps have both a working capacity and a break-limit rating. Along with capacity, getting the right length straps is equally important. Generally, ratchet straps are between 10 to 20-feet long.

With ratchet straps, there are a few different tensioner designs. Most commonly, ratchet straps hold tension in the strap through the ratchet mechanism to secure your cargo. Along with that, some ratchet straps also have a retractable mechanism.

Also, look for information on the webbing material and the hook design of the straps. The webbing or woven fabric of the ratchet straps is generally made of either polyester or nylon for added durability and strength. The strap webbing can range from one to four inches wide. The end of each ratchet strip will have a hook that can vary in design. Some hooks have an additional locking mechanism. They are typically either bare metal or coated with paint to prevent rust and corrosion.

The 10 Best Ratchet Straps on The Market Today

Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the 10 best ratchet straps for safely securing your cargo. Along with that, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about ratchet straps. As with any automotive purchase, you want a high-quality, durable product. With that, all of the ratchet straps on our guide are well-reviewed. Be sure to select the ratchet straps from our guide that will fit your particular use case.

Best Overall Choice

1. Rhino USA Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps

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Coming in at the top of our list of the best ratchet straps, these Rhino USA heavy-duty ratchet straps mean business. The set comes with four ratchet tie-downs and four soft-loops, so you have everything you need to secure your cargo. Also, there is a safety clip on each s-hook to provide maximum security when transporting large items. These straps are rated with a break strength of 5,208 pounds.

In terms of stitching and webbing, the double-diamond stitching paired with the polyester/silk webbing makes these 8-foot ratchet straps durable and tear-resistant. While the color of a ratchet strap doesn’t really factor into finding the right ones, it doesn’t hurt to have options. You can purchase this set in gray, black, blue, green, orange, and red. And you can rest easy knowing that this small business will keep you covered with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

Best Budget Choice

2. AUGO Ratchet Straps

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These budget-friendly ratchet straps from AUGO are high-quality and reliable when it comes to securing light or medium loads. They have a load limit of 500-pounds and a break strength of 1,500-pounds. The four 15-foot ratchet straps have ergonomic handles with rubber-coated “S” hooks. The handles have a spring-loaded release latch, and the straps have added re-inforced stitching for added strength.

Best of all, the ratchet straps come with an addition of two bungee cords. While it is not advised to solely use bungee cords when securing large loads, having them for added security is a great idea. These AUGO ratchet tie-down straps will not damage any items or scratch the paint on your car, truck, or trailer. Ideal for transporting appliances, kayaks or canoes, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and more, they are designed to keep your cargo securely in place.

Best Premium Choice

3. Mac's Ratchet Straps

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Mac’s has long been well-regarded when it comes to making quality tie-downs. With that, these ratchet straps are top-notch. Right off the bat, it’s important to note that these straps are 6-feet long which is a bit shorter than other straps on the market. With that being said, if the length will fit your needs, you will not be disappointed with their performance. While shorter, they still have a 2,800-pound maximum break strength.

The ratchets have an easy-release feature, and the straps come with four 1×18-inch soft loops to secure your cargo. You also get a convenient duffle bag which comes in handy to keep the straps stored tangle-free when not in use. Made in the United States — Idaho, specifically — these ratchet straps can be used to tie down motorcycles, ATVs, or other “smaller” cargo items that you need to haul.

Want to add extra protection to your motorcycle? Make sure to check out our guide to the best motorcycle locks.

4. RPS Outdoors Infinity Camo Ratchet Straps

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With the RPS Outdoors Camouflage Ratchet Straps, you can choose from two different sizes — either 1-inch by 10-feet with an 830-pound work strength and 2,500-pound break strength or 1-inch by 8-feet with a 300-pound work strength and 900-pound break strength. The straps have coated, corrosion-resistant “S” hooks that provide both durability and ease of use.

These ratchet straps (in both sizes) come in a pack of four. They are suitable for use for varying vehicle types and load capacities. The camouflage design makes them a great addition to your outdoorsy vehicle or hunting rig. Keep them in your garage or car to have on hand whenever is time to haul large loads for different adventures.

5. Erickson Pro-Series Retractable Ratchet Straps

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Made by Erickson, the Pro-Series ratchet straps are the best ratchet straps with a retractable ratcheting mechanism. The durable storage bag allows you to keep the four ratchet straps securely in your car without tangles. Each strap is 1-inch by 10-feet. They have a 1,200-pound load capacity and a 400-pound working load limit.

Whether you’re transporting tools, small vehicles, boating gear, or other equipment, the retractable ratcheting system will secure the item. All you need to do use the “S” hook to hook it onto your car or trailer, and then adjust the retractable ratchet until tight. When it is time to unload, you simply press the button on the retractable ratchet for easy one-button release.

The retractable ratchet feature helps protect excess webbing from oil and dirt. And you won’t have to worry about part of the strap flapping in the wind! Overall, this feature helps prevent wear and tear — prolonging the life of the ratchet straps.

6. RHINO USA Medium-Duty Ratchet Straps

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This ratchet strap pack comes with four 15-foot ratchet straps. All of them feature a durable ratcheting system with a release spring and “S” hooks for easy installation. They come with a water-resistant drawstring bag for easy storage when not in use. The set also comes with an instruction card with some pointers if you are using them for the first time.

These particular ratchet straps are medium-duty with a 1,823-pound maximum break strength. You can choose from an array of colors ranging from electric green to classic gray. Rhino USA makes top-quality car accessories that are immensely reliable and durable. On top of that, because they are a small, family-run business, you can expect top-notch customer service and a lifetime guarantee on all their products.

7. Bison Gear "Caution" Ratchet Straps

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When it comes to securing large loads, Bison Gear does not mess around. This four-pack of brightly colored ratchet straps feature “CAUTION” text on each strap for optimal visibility. Especially if you travel at night with large loads, these bright neon ratchet straps will give you added safety.

The ratchet straps have a break strength of 2,200-pounds and have heavy-duty, rubber-molded handles. The rubber-coated “S” hook design is easy to hook onto cars, trailers, and more. And the straps are 20-feet long, which is longer than the typical length for ratchet straps. This makes them ideal for large, awkward-sized items. Bison Gear offers a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

8. Cartman Ratchet Straps

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This twelve-piece ratchet strap set from Cartman comes with a lot of bonuses. In addition to the four tie-downs, the set also includes four 18-inch soft loop straps. Along with that, it comes with four 32-inch bungee cords. With these add-ons and the included 15-foot ratchet tie-downs, you’ll be able to secure heavy-duty loads while keeping everything in top shape.

Whether it’s gear for a camping trip or supplies for a home renovation, these ratchet straps can transport large loads thanks to their 1200-pound working capacity and 3,600-pound break strength. The ratchet is made of steel, for added durability. The 1-inch nylon-blend strap material is designed to not wear when pulled and tightened.

9. Keeper Ratchet Straps

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These 2-inch ratchet straps from Keeper come in a set of four. They are 25-feet long, making them the longest straps on our list. With that, they have a 3,333-pound working load limit and a 10,000-pound break strength. These heavy-duty straps utilize a J-hook which provides maximum traction and durability for even the largest of loads.

Keeper specifically engineered the webbing and stitching on these straps to provides three layers of security. All of the straps are methodically tested for abrasion and weather protection. Because of their extreme durability, these straps are on the heavier side, weighing around five pounds each. If you’re looking for ratchet straps for the biggest hauling tasks, the Keeper ratchet straps are definitely up for the task.

10. Fortem Ratchet Straps

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These electric green Fortem ratchet straps are made of polyester with high-visibility neon webbing. The hooks are made of weather-proof stainless steel. These straps have a load capacity of 500-pounds and a 1,500-pound break strength. With that, the straps are 15-feet in length, putting them in the mid-range of length for ratchet straps on the market.

Fortem offers a one-year warranty with each product. The set includes four metal ratchet buckles, four bonus soft loop straps, four s-hook straps, and one carrying case with a zipper. The “S” hooks are rubber coated to prevent any rust or corrosion. Overall, this ratchet set is straightforward to use and easy to store when not in use.

Securely Strap Down Cargo of All Sizes on The Road

When it comes to any travel with large loads, safety and security are the highest priorities. When used properly, ratchet straps allow you to transport large, heavy, or awkward loads that don’t fit inside your vehicle. In addition to ratchet straps, check out our other buying guides on items including bottle jacks and socket sets to improve your at-home automotive garage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly secure items using ratchet straps?

When it comes to securing items with ratchet straps, being extremely careful and attentive is an absolute must. Unproperly secured ratchet straps can lead to damage–to both your cargo and your vehicle. And if you aren’t careful when securing the straps, you could injure yourself or damage your vehicle.

Whether you’re storing your load on a car frame, a trailer, or in a pick-up truck bed, you must secure it to solid anchor points that won’t move or shift as you drive.

To begin the process of securing items using ratchet straps, lay down the strap and the handle. After that, pull the release of the handle, opening it until it is completely flat.

Now, grab the loose end of the strap and insert it into the slot, pulling it through until the strap is approximately the length you need to secure your particular load (leave a little slack so you can attach the hooks). Once you have the length you need, securely close the handle, utilizing the locking mechanism on the ratchet strap.

Now, you can attach the strap to your two anchor points. Attach the “S” hook on either end to your two anchor points. Finally, using the ratcheting mechanism, tighten the straps until you’ve achieved the needed tension to fully secure your load.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how to tighten (and release) a ratchet strap.

How often should I inspect my ratchet tie-down straps?

You should inspect your ratchet straps before every single use. When it comes to hauling large equipment, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Double-check or even triple-check, that the ratchet mechanism and hooks are secured correctly. Along with that, examine the straps to make sure there are no tears or abrasions in the webbing.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear on the strap, don’t risk using the strap. After all, you are much better off spending a smaller amount of money on new ratchet straps than risking the destruction and replacement cost of whatever large item you are hauling.

Should I hand-tie a knot in my ratchet straps?

You should never tie an additional knot in your ratchet straps. Ratchet straps are specially engineered to provide tension and security when used correctly. With that being said, if you hand-tie a knot, you are actually inhibiting the natural tension of a ratchet strap and potentially weakening it. Even though it may seem like a knot will provide more security, it may actually do the opposite.

Can ratchet straps break?

Ratchet straps can break. However, it is uncommon if they are used properly. To avoid breakage, always keep your load under the weight capacity of the ratchet straps. Along with that, inspect your ratchet straps upon purchasing them to make sure there are not any factory malfunctions of the strap itself or the ratcheting mechanisms on the ends of the strap.

How do I determine the length of ratchet strap that I need?

Generally, the normal adjustable length of 10 to 20 feet will work for most equipment hauling. If you are planning on hauling an especially large item, take the necessary measurements to check if you may need longer straps.

Can I use other tie-downs with ratchet straps?

Yes, you can use other tie-downs such as bungee cords or ropes. While it is always advised to use ratchet straps along with them, the addition of alternatives will not hurt your cargo and can be beneficial when used in addition to the best ratchet straps.

How many ratchet straps do I need?

While the exact number you need will depend on both the ratchet strap’s weight capacity and your load’s size and shape, it is advised to always use more than one ratchet strap. The more ratchet straps you use, the more secure your load will be.

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