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BFGoodrich OnTrail Mobile App is an Off-Road Trail Adventure Guide

Get Off-Road With Confidence By Knowing What You’re Getting Into & Share Your Adventure With Other Enthusiasts

BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app
The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app can help you find the off-road adventure you've been dreaming of.

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app designed for off-road trail adventure enthusiasts is one of our new favorite apps because it’s easy to use, feature-packed, and delivers adventure.

Available for Apple and Android operating systems, the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app can help plan trips, provide detailed maps, find the best trails for your experience level and vehicle, and offer vital trail condition and obstacle data. You can continually improve your off-road skills through how-to and quick-tip videos, and capture and share your off-road adventures using the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app.

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app puts a truckload of off-road trail information in your hands.

There is quite literally an app for everything, including some already offering access to off-road trail maps. We spoke with Oscar Pereda, Director OE2 and Conversion at BFGoodrich/Michelin about what sets the new BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app apart from the crowd. “There are many mapping apps­–some that offer hundreds of layers. We’re not trying to out map anyone. We are focused on making off-roading easier, safer, and supporting the community.”

BFGoodrich OnTrail Community

“BFGoodrich is entering this space from a very different starting point.” Pereda continued, “As a 150-year-old tire company, we have been involved in recreational off-roading since the beginning, and for the past three decades, we’ve worked on the ground in Baja to map trails, providing our performance team members with coveted race and support maps.” Many off-road racers can attest to the advantage they’ve gained due to the pin-point accuracy provided in those famous Baja maps BFGoodrich created through thousands of miles of driving and painstaking note-taking.

Decades of experience creating detailed maps for off-racing in wild places like Baja is behind the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app.

Pereda told us, “BFGoodrich has arguably built one of the largest off-road communities in the world. We engage this community at events big and small, and we support and participate in many clubs and organizations. From decades of Baja pit support to the BFGoodrich Garage that provides off-roaders support at events, BFGoodrich OnTrail is a natural extension of our grassroots approach.”

That same dedication and attention to detail were used in creating the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app. Set up for off-road enthusiasts from beginner to expert, the BFGoodrich OnTrail app helps better plan your off-road adventures with filters for the difficulty level of the trail, the approximate length of time to traverse the trail, and local weather conditions. Trail user reviews, photos, and real-time experiences can also be accessed to help decide which trails will provide the off-road experience you’re looking for.

Creating a video of your off-road trail experience is easy as tapping the BFGoodrich OnTrail “Start” and “Go” functions.

User-Friendly Trail-Map App

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app offers four simple and easy ways to find that off-road trail you’ve always wanted to tackle or that wild place you’ve always wanted to camp. You can type the name of the trail into the BFGoodrich OnTrail app search bar. Or you can find the type of trail you’re interested in by tapping on the “Filter” icon. To search a certain area for trails, you can move the map around to look for off-road trails in that location. Best of all, it’s super easy to find trails wherever you happen to be. To find trails near you, tapping “Pull Tab for Trails” on the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile-app screen will bring up all the trails nearby in order of their increasing distance from your location.

Off-road enthusiasts love sharing their adventures. Pereda said, “We worked very hard to make finding, recording, and sharing a trail as easy as possible. Recording a trail is as easy as opening the app, touching the ‘Go’ button, and then touching the ‘Start’ button.” While on the trail recording, you have the option to drop POIs along the way. You can add text, photos, and video to the POIs you create.

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app includes a catalog of trail maps such as the Rubicon Trail, along with difficulty ratings and mileage.

Multiple OnTrail Data Sources

If you’re wondering where the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app gets all its trail data from, well we were too. So, we asked. Here’s what we learned. The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app taps into four different channels of information to give you the best off-road trail experience possible. There is a lot of free off-road trail data available from government agencies (at the federal and state level) that almost all off-road maps use. It’s good information but doesn’t offer a lot of detail.

You also gain from BFGoodrich’s strong grassroots off-road community connection. Members of the BFGoodrich OnTrail community provide you with first-hand accounts of their favorite trails to the mobile app through trail paths, POIs, pictures, reviews, and information. Highlighted feature trails accessed through BFGoodrich partners is another good source of off-road trail information available through the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app. Pereda said, “We’ve tapped many leaders in the off-road community to share their favorite trails and insights about what makes these trails special.”

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app is designed for off-road enthusiasts ranging from beginners to experts.

Scoring big points for the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app is its connection to CartoTracks. The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app grants you exclusive access to the finely detailed and highly accurate CartoTracks online trail data collected by a team of professional cartographers that drives each trail packing state-of-the-art GPS mapping equipment. Access to CartoTracks ticked the last box for us.

The BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app can help make your off-road adventures better every time you use it to access off-road trail information, plan your next trail run, or share off-road experiences with your friends and others in the BFGoodrich OnTrail community. It does require a membership and the price is not a trifle ($34.99 annual membership). However, if you’re an avid off-road enthusiast bent on getting the most out of life, the BFGoodrich OnTrail mobile app offers top-shelf map graphics, a wide variety of information not commonly found in many off-road recreation-oriented apps, and it is refreshingly easy to use.

Download the BFG OnTrail mobile app HERE, and enjoy a 14-day free trial membership.

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