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Best Blind Spot Mirrors In 2020

Change lanes and parallel park confidently with this safety add-on

Best Overall Choice
Ampper Blind Side Mirror

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

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Best Budget Choice
Fit System Convex Mirror

Fit System Driver and Passenger Mirror

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Best Premium Choice
POMFW Adjustable Convex Frameless Mirror

POMFW Convex Adjustable Mirror

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Blind Spot Mirror

We’ve all been there: hesitating whether to change lanes because we’re not sure if there’s a vehicle beside us we can’t see. This is a big deal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 18 percent of all accidents happen when changing lanes. That’s why getting a blind spot mirror is such a great investment.

These inexpensive vehicle accessories promote safe driving. When you use them, you can tell if there’s a car coming your way. As you know, rear-view and side-view mirrors don’t always show the full picture—literally!

Today, we’re bringing you a helpful guide to finding the best blind spot mirror on the market. We’ve reviewed the top 10 best products and analyzed each of their pros and cons. Then, we’ve put together a buying guide to help you pick out the best blind spot mirrors for your vehicle. Toward the end, you’ll find the most commonly asked questions answered in a comprehensible manner.

Best Overall Choice

1. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

Ampper Blind Side Mirror

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The Ampper blind spot mirror is by far the most popular (and loved) product on Amazon, and for good reason! It’s affordable, discreet, and does its job spectacularly. What’s there not to love?

For starters, this is a round convex mirror that doesn’t take up much space on your side-view mirrors. It comes in a pack of two, meaning you can install one on the driver’s side and the other on the passenger’s side. Thus, it gives you ample view of the road on both your vehicle’s sides.

You can install it in a variety of vehicles. It works perfectly on SUVs, cars, hatchbacks, trucks, RVs, and vans. The only vehicle where it doesn’t fit is on a motorcycle.

Furthermore, the mirrors are completely adjustable. The pivot hinge located on the back of the mirror lets you rotate it up, down, left, and right. This is a great feature, as you can set the blind spot mirror to how it’s most convenient for you.

We also love how there isn’t a frame around the mirror. This means it won’t collect water and, consequently, will not rust. It’s a sturdy and durable design, which is especially important if you live in an area where snow, ice, and rain are common.

Lastly, the installation process couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to be a car whiz to fix the mirror in place.


  • Fits a wide variety of vehicles, from RVs to sports cars
  • The angle of view can be easily adjusted
  • The durable, discreet design keeps mirrors intact for years


  • The mirror may shift around with strong winds and on a car wash

2. Essential Contraptions Round Convex Mirror

Essential Contraptions Blind Convex Mirror

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This is yet another much-loved item. Drivers have pointed out it’s a more old-school approach to convex blind spot mirrors, which is a great thing!

The Essential Contraptions mirror is much more simplistic than other items we have here on our list. It can’t be adjusted, which isn’t necessarily a downside. For example, you’ll always have the same viewing angle no matter what. It won’t shift around when you go through a car wash or when you try to clean ice off your mirrors.

They come in packs of four, meaning you can place them on several vehicles at once. The best part is that they fit on virtually every vehicle out there, including motorcycles.

Installing them is also easy. There’s a strong sticker on the back that adheres to your vehicle’s side-view mirrors. You could even place one on the rear-view mirror if you’d like.

They do have an aluminum frame, which is a plus on our book. Unlike plastic frames, these do not collect rust even after long winters. It also protects the edges of the circular mirror from impact.


  • The easy peel-and-stick installation process for all vehicles
  • The rust-resistant aluminum frame protects glass mirror
  • Doesn’t swivel around, showing the same viewing angle all the time


  • May not be of great help in larger, bulkier vehicles
Best Budget Choice

3. Fit System Driver and Passenger Mirror

Fit System Convex Mirror

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If you’re on a tight budget, we can’t recommend the Fit System mirror enough. It’s super affordable and takes a more minimalistic approach to blind spot mirrors, but still does its job reliably.

The first thing you’ll notice about this mirror is the sticker at the back. Once you peel the cover off, it is ready to install. The process is easy and the only tools you’ll need are window-cleaning fluid and a clean rag.

The plastic cover also draws attention. While it’s not the most durable, as it will likely get rusty after some time, it still does a great job at protecting the glass convex mirror.

Besides that, the wide angle this Fit System mirror shows you is a massive plus when driving. It’s just wide enough to help you park and change lanes while still not being too wide that your perception of space is warped.

Perhaps the best thing about these mirrors (besides the fact that they’re cheap) is how small and discreet they are. Many people worry they’ll lose visibility in their vehicle’s side mirrors, but with this product, you won’t. It only measures 2 inches diameter-wise, so it doesn’t get in the way.


  • Easy to install with an adhesive sticker placed on the back
  • Offers a wide angle view of the road to your sides
  • Small and discreet design doesn’t get in the way of main side mirrors


  • Plastic frames may rust after a while
Best Premium Choice

4. POMFW Convex Adjustable Mirror

POMFW Adjustable Convex Frameless Mirror

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The POMFW is one of our favorite items on this list. Spending a few more dollars on a blind spot mirror will get you complete adjustability of your viewing angle and elegant design.

This mirror is rust-resistant, which means it will last you for a long time. Since it doesn’t have a plastic frame around it, it won’t collect any water or ice. Thus, there will be no rust blocking your view of the road.

We also love how sleek the design is. It is shaped like a quarter circle and is meant to be placed on the upper outer corner of your side mirror. Therefore, the mirror doesn’t draw attention to itself, meaning it goes perfectly on high-end elegant vehicles.

There is a pivot point at the back of the mirror that lets you adjust the viewing angle. You can shift it left, right, up, and down to get the best view of the road.

Lastly, you can install it in less than five minutes. All you have to do is clean the side mirror of your vehicle and put the blind spot mirror with the adhesive strip peeled in place.


  • Adjustable wide angle of the road to your sides
  • Sleek, elegant, discreet design perfect for all vehicles
  • Rust-resistant, durable, frameless glass convex mirror


  • The mirror may shift around the pivot on accident from time to time


5. Utopicar Blind Side Mirrors

Utopicar Frameless Square Convex Mirror

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Drivers of large vehicles need wide blind spot mirrors to see what is happening to their right and left. Not all mirrors are suitable for their needs, but the Utopicar is.

Utopicar designed this mirror specifically thinking of too-large vehicles. That’s why this square blind spot convex mirror shows the widest image you’ll find on the market today. It measures three inches across and 1.8 inches tall, perfect for larger and smaller vehicles alike.

Since this is a frameless design, you can count on it to last you years. It won’t collect ice or water, therefore it won’t rust. Moreover, it blends in perfectly with your vehicle’s side mirror, giving it an original-equipment-manufacturer look.

There is no pivot point to adjust the viewing angle of the mirror. This may be a good thing if you prefer old-school approaches to convex blind side mirrors. It also means it won’t shift around by accident.

Lastly, this Utopic mirror is easy to install. It comes with a strong, water-resistant sticker on the back. Once you peel it and place it on the upper outer corner of the side-view mirror, it will stay in place until you decide to take it down.


  • Offers the widest viewing angle out there, perfect for large vehicles
  • Frameless, thin, elegant design gives it an OEM appearance
  • Durable water-repellent sticker on the back ensures safe installation


  • Can’t angle it to change the viewing angle

6. Zone Tech Adjustable Circular Mirror

Zone Tech Blind Spot Mirror

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Another sleek, elegant, and effective blind spot mirror is the one made by Zone Tech. Besides being affordable, it’s durable and allows you to adjust the viewing angle as you please.

Once again, installing this circular mirror is an easy task. All you have to do is peel the sticker cover and press the Zone Tech item on your wing mirrors. Since the adhesive is strong, you won’t have to worry about the convex mirror popping off.

Zone Tech recommends you place their convex mirror on the outer corner of the side mirror. As it comes in a pair, you’ll get one for the driver’s side and another for the passenger’s side.

When the mirror is in place, you can play around with the viewing angle until you find a position that works for you. The joint at the back allows you to swivel the mirror left and right for 30 degrees. This is a handy feature especially for larger vehicles or if you’re transporting a trailer.

The frameless design doesn’t only give this product an original-equipment-manufacturer look. It also makes it more durable and prevents any rust from building up, even after long rainy winters.


  • Very affordable price for two individual convex mirrors
  • Allows you to change the viewing angle of the road as needed
  • Durable and rust-resistant without compromising on looks


  • Not many reviews up on Amazon as of yet

7. LIBERRWAY Wide Angle Rectangular Mirror

LIBERRWAY Convex Rectangular Mirrors

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If you’d rather have a square blind spot mirror equipped on your car, the LIBERRWAY is a good pick. You can install it in three different positions depending on your needs and preferences and its price is very reasonable.

We have to hand it to this piece: its image size blows the competition out of the water. It offers you a 170-degree viewing angle on a 3.74-inch-long mirrored surface. That’s an incredible feat if you ask us. No more squinting trying to see what’s on your blind spot mirror.

Despite all this, it’s not a bulky mirror. You have three choices: install it vertically on the outer corner of the mirror, vertically on the inner corner, or horizontally on the inner lower corner of your side mirror. No matter which position you choose, you won’t run into any visibility issues when driving.

At the back of the mirror, there’s a pivot point that allows you to change the viewing angle. It sways left or right on a 20-degree angle, letting you get the view of the road that you need.

Lastly, we have to point out that drivers who have this mirror praise it for how durable both the adhesive strip and the mirror itself are. There are no complaints of the product falling off or of botched-up installations!


  • Adjustable, wide angle of view perfect for drivers with bad vision
  • Can be installed in three different positions on wing mirrors
  • Durable and sturdy with a protective plastic frame


  • Not all drivers like the rectangular shape of the mirror

8. AiWomo Blind Spot Mirror for Cars and Trucks

AiWomo Fan-Shaped Mirror

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This product is proof that we can’t dismiss an item just because we don’t recognize the brand’s name. It’s a solid blind spot mirror that has won the “Amazon’s Choice” sticker and is well worth the price.

The first thing that stood out to us was the adhesive on the back of the mirror. Dozens of drivers swear by it saying it is the most water-resistant sticker they’ve seen in a car accessory. And we have to agree with them!

You can install this item in one of two ways. The first is without the swivel base, which means you won’t be able to adjust the viewing angle after you install the mirror. The second is with the swivel base, letting you tilt the mirror left and right on a 20-degree sway angle. This is an awesome feature we haven’t seen anywhere else, as it caters to all kinds of drivers: those who want the flexibility of angle changes and those who like their mirrors to stay put and not sway.

They can also be installed on a variety of vehicles. Motorcycles, cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks—you name it. They help all drivers get where they’re going safely.

We couldn’t review this product without pointing out that the mirrors are made from actual mirror material, not from plastic. Keep this in mind, since if you drop it on the ground, it will shatter.

Lastly, the AiWomo blind spot mirrors are frameless. This may be both an upside and a downside at the same time. On one hand, they’re rust-proof. On the other, without a protective frame, they could shatter when exposed to hail or to flying pebbles from the road.


  • Mounts both with or without the pivot swivel at the back
  • Fits virtually all vehicles, from trucks to motorcycles
  • The installation adhesive is durable and stays on long-term


  • May not be a durable mirror as it’s not plastic and doesn’t have a frame

9. Maxi View Adjustable Rectangular Mirrors

Maxi View Adjustable Mirror

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Are you willing to splurge on larger blind spot mirrors? If so, the Maxi View mirrors are perfect for you. Their name says it all, doesn’t it?

This manufacturer prides itself on selling more than two million pairs of convex mirrors. And with a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, you can trust you’re investing your hard-earned cash on a quality, trusted product.

The design is what stands out the most. Unlike other mirrors we’ve reviewed, this one takes a sturdy approach to design. There is a solid plastic frame around the mirror protecting it from debris and from the elements. The whole structure is a bit on the bulky side, but if it makes for a durable mirror, we’re all for it!

You can tilt the mirror from left to right until you find a viewing angle that works for you. The pivot point at the back lets you do this easily without damaging the product’s ball and socket.

Maxi View’s adhesive is also something to praise. It’s weather-resistant, meaning it will hold the blind spot mirrors in place even when it’s raining or icy out. So much so that if you want to remove the mirrors from your vehicle you’ll need a special glue remover you can find online.


  • The wide angle on adjustable blind spot mirror that’s 3 inches long
  • Manufactured by a respected and trusted company
  • Durable adhesive sticks convex mirror to side mirror for the long-term


  • The mirror can fog up and get rusty if exposed to much rain

10. Lebogner Circular Wide 360 Mirrors

Lebogner Mirror for Wing Mirrors

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The last item on our list is the Lebogner mirror, but that’s no reason to not look into it in-depth! It’s yet another circular frameless blind spot mirror that looks elegant on the wing mirrors and works like a charm.

Ten dollars will get you this sleek-looking mirror for your two wing mirrors. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and hundreds of lengthy positive reviews. Don’t take it from us when we say it’s one of the best mirrors of 2020; take it from drivers like you!

The pivot at the back of the mirror allows you to adjust the viewing angle to your needs. The mirror will sway left and right on a 30-degree angle. This is perfect if you ever need to transport a trailer, as you can adjust the mirror to a different position so you can see the lanes parallel to yours easily.

The quality of the mirror is also worth pointing out. The rust-resistant glass doesn’t fog up and stays intact for years and years to come. Since there’s no plastic or aluminum frame, it is more vulnerable to the elements. However, at the end of the day, that hasn’t been a problem for drivers who use this mirror.

We recommend you install this piece on the outer corner of your wing mirror. It won’t interfere with your day-to-day use of your vehicle’s side mirrors.


  • The rust-resistant mirror glass looks brand-new even after a long time
  • You can adjust the viewing angle by tilting it left or right
  • Affordable price for the quality and sleekness of design


  • As it’s made from real glass, it’s more prone to shattering

How Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work?

The way blind spot mirrors are what make them so useful. They’re convex, and so capture whatever is going on near your vehicle’s blind spot. That’s really all there is to them—no fancy technology or anything like that.


Are Blind Spot Mirrors Useful?

Blind Spot Mirror on a Wing Mirror

Most definitely! All vehicles have blind spots. These are responsible for countless accidents every year. Whether you’re switching lanes or getting ready to turn at an intersection with parallel lanes, blind spots can put you in a very dangerous situation.

With blind spot mirrors, you can clearly see if there’s a car coming from behind you. This reduces the number of accidents that happen on our road every day. It’s why car manufacturers are equipping new vehicles with blind spot sensors and built-in blind spot mirrors!

On top of all that, some groups of people can really benefit from getting one of these mirrors for their vehicle. Seniors and inexperienced drivers, in particular, need them! They’re usually the ones who struggle the most with blind spots. These mirrors make them feel more comfortable and confident when driving, which is great!


Benefits of Using a Blind Spot Mirror

Let’s sum all the benefits of using a blind spot mirror in your vehicle:

  • Confidence when changing lanes: Busy roads can be hard to navigate, especially when you want to change lanes (to pass someone, to head to your destination, etc). These mirrors let you know if it’s safe to do this maneuver.
  • Less neck twisting: Cranking your neck back is no fun, ever. With a blind spot mirror, you don’t need to do it as much.
  • Parallel parking becomes easier: Parking parallel to a sidewalk isn’t always easy-peasy. Sometimes, you need to know how much leeway you still have before your wheels hit the curb. A blind spot mirror lets you do this with ease.
  • Merging into a highway is safer: When you try to get into a highway, there’s the risk of getting hit by a car going at high speeds, all because you didn’t notice they were there when merging into the road. Blind spot mirrors get rid of this problem.
  • Attach a trailer without compromising safety: If you’ve hooked a trailer to your car or truck before, you know how much visibility you lose because of it. Everything gets riskier, especially changing lanes and merging into highways. Blind spot mirrors decrease the risk of accidents.

Small circular convex mirror


The Ultimate Buying Guide for Blind Spot Mirrors

We’ve shown you the best blind spot mirror products of 2019. But if none of them strike your fancy, there are plenty more out there to discover. We’ve put together this buying guide to make that search easier. Look for these features and you won’t get stuck with a crappy blind spot mirror!


Size and Fit

Many people ask themselves “What size blind spot mirror do I need?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

When looking at blind spot side mirrors, the key is to look for one that’s big enough that you can see the image clearly, but not too big that it makes it impossible to see things clearly on the side wing mirrors.

We’ve picked out mirrors of all sizes to review them. If you have sight problems, we recommend getting one that’s larger, around 2.5 inches in length. If that’s not a problem with you, any size mirror will do.



Most blind spot mirrors are circular, but there are other shapes available too. We reviewed square, rectangular, and even fan-shaped mirrors. Which one you purchase completely depends on what you feel most comfortable using. As long as they’re not too bulky, they’ll all work perfectly.



There are mirrors with and without frames. The frames can either be aluminum or plastic, depending on the manufacturer.

As a rule of thumb, frameless mirrors tend not to get rusty. That’s due to the fact that the frames collect water, which, with time, deteriorates the mirror glass. Their main disadvantage is that the glass is less protected.

On the other hand, frame mirrors are protected from the elements. Pebbles and hail are less likely to crack the mirror and damage it forever. They are more prone to rusting, though.

As you can see, they both have their pros and cons. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, we recommend getting frameless mirrors. If not, you can choose between a frame and frameless piece, it’s totally up to you.



The vast majority of mirrors have the same curvature, so this isn’t something you should really worry about. We’re bringing it up to remind you that objects in the mirror will appear closer than they actually are. Keep that in mind!



When choosing the best blind spot mirror, think of how long its lifespan is likely to be. Does it appear to have a sturdy build? Does the adhesive seem strong and weather-proof? You want a sturdy (but not bulky!) mirror that stays with you for a long time.


Fixing Method

Think of how easy the installation process will be. The vast majority of mirrors are installed using an adhesive strip. But when looking at products we didn’t review, always double-check that there are no more steps and tools involved.



Is changing the viewing angle on the mirrors important to you? If so, then opt for an adjustable mirror with a pivot hinge on the back.

Do keep in mind that when you go into a car wash, it’s likely that the mirror will swivel left and right. When leaving one, make sure you can still see everything clearly on the mirror and, if not, adjust them to a more comfortable position.

Convex Mirror Being Used


How to Install a Blind Spot Mirrors?

As we mentioned, installing a blind spot mirror on your vehicle’s side mirrors is usually a super easy process:

    1. Clean the wing mirror with a damp rag and alcohol. This will make it easier for the adhesive to stick in place by removing grease, bugs, and dust.
    2. Find the place to mount the mirror. Usually this will be on the outer upper corner of your wing mirror. Make sure you’re not blocking a sizeable chunk of the mirror and that you can still use it just fine.
    3. Take the peel off the adhesive and press it in place. Make sure to apply pressure (not too much, though!) and hold it in position for 15 seconds. This will ensure the mirror will stay there for a long time.
    4. Don’t expose your vehicle to rain or car washes for a couple of days. If you do, there’s a chance the sticker will come off and that your mirror will fall and break.


Person installing a convex mirror


Frequently Asked Questions

Are blind spot mirrors worth it?

Yes! They’re inexpensive (most models are under $10) and they do wonders. Since they help prevent accidents that could be fatal, we have no doubts that they’re well worth the (small) investment.

Are blind spot mirrors legal?

As long as you don’t install a mirror that’s too bulky and blocks your view of the wing mirror, you’re fine. There are no laws against the small blind spot mirrors that we’ve reviewed.

Are blind spot mirrors safe?

When correctly mounted, yes, they are. The key is not obstructing your view of the wing mirror by, for instance, installing it right in the middle of your side mirror. If you place them following the manufacturer’s instructions, they’re completely safe.

Can blind spot mirrors be removed?

Yes, they can. It’s an easy, quick, and inexpensive process you can do with resources you’re likely to have at home.

Do blind spot mirrors help with changing lanes?

Yes, they do. That’s one of their most popular and praised purposes.

Where do blind spot mirrors go?

Usually they go on the upper outer corner of your vehicle’s side mirrors. Some people like to place them on their rearview mirror, but we’re not sure just how useful that would be.

How to remove a blind spot mirror?

You’ll need some alcohol or glue-removing product (for example, Goo Gone) and a sharp razor or string of fishing line.

Apply the product on the wing mirror and then, carefully, with the razor or string, slide it between your wing mirror and the blind side mirror. It should come off easily.

What are integrated blind spot mirrors?

Many latest auto models come with built-in blind spot mirrors installed in the factory. They work the same as the blind spot mirrors you can buy from Amazon. The only difference is they look sleeker and, since they’re integrated, won’t ever fall off.

Where to place blind spot mirror on the passenger side?

You should place it on the outer corner of your vehicle’s side mirror. Play around with its position until you find something that works for you.

Where to place blind spot mirror on a motorcycle?

Since motorcycles have smaller wing mirrors, you need to pick a smaller blind spot mirror, too. We recommend installing them on the upper outer corner of your bike’s side mirror and seeing if it gives you a good viewing angle that way.

Why aren’t blind spot mirrors standard?

Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more additions to cars to make them safer and less prone to accidents. Backup cameras are recent, too, and only newer models come with them.

Our only explanation as to why only newer models don’t come equipped with blind spot mirrors is that now that we know more about road safety, we know they’re important. Thus, manufacturers think of adding them when designing new vehicles.

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