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BMW European Delivery Program Ends

No More German Deliveries for North American BMW Buyers

bmw european delivery program

It looks like the BMW European Delivery Program for North American buyers will no longer be available. If you want to get in on this seriously cool way to pick up your new BMW, then you’re going to have to act quickly, and there will be some stipulations that you might not like.

The USA BMW European Delivery website is still up, for now. The program is designed for US-based new BMW buyers to be able to spec their car exactly how they want it, pick it up at the factory, get a taste of BMW culture at the museum, and get to experience “The Ultimate Driving Machine” on some glorious European roads. Once your euro-road trip is over BMW then ships your car back to your local dealer for final delivery. Is there a cooler way to build some memories in a new car?

US BMW Customer European Delivery Option is Ending

There is no official cancellation of this program just yet. But a US BMW salesman and a BMW company representative have both now weighed in online. Both seem to corroborate that this delivery option will end this September. If you want to get in at the last minute, eligible new car reservations for the program are being accepted until May 18th.

A big plus for enthusiasts has been the ability to take their new BMW on Europe’s famous race tracks, like the Nurburgring. Sadly, according to the leaked info, no US vehicle European deliveries will be allowed to “be operated on any racetracks or involved in any racing activities while they are in Europe.” Luckily there are still the Autobahn and classic epic windy mountain roads.

It seems like we have no one to blame but ourselves for the cancellation of this program however. Only about 500 customers a year have been taking advantage of the program in recent years. The bright side of this story is that you can still have a unique and exciting new BWM delivery experience, just not in Europe.

BMW Performance Center Delivery Option

The BMW Performance Center Delivery option in Spartanburg, South Carolina not only gets you intimately familiar with your new vehicle but allows you to have similar BMW cultural experiences, but US-focused. Your accommodations are covered in Spartanburg. You get to check out the Zentrum Museum and get a factory tour. To top it off you get to learn the limits of your new BMW under the tutelage of expert driving instructors. Not a whole lot to dislike about this program!

BMW Dealer Direct Info Leak

Jimmy Back, a salesman at Steve Thomas BMW, posted the following on the BimmerPost.com forum:

It is a sad day for all the euro delivery fans out there. BMWNA has just announced that it will be ending its European Delivery program for North American customers.

1. May 18th will be the last day BMWNA will accept pre-reservation forms.
2. The last month you can choose to do ED will be September 2020
3. If you have placed a deposit for a 2021 model and would still like to take delivery within the timeframe stated, 4. BMW will accept the pre-reservation form without a production number. Once a production number is available BMW will assign accordingly. (as pricing/allocations is available you will be able to schedule delivery)
4. Anyone who is scheduled currently to purchase a vehicle through ED will still be able to pick it up at the Welt through September 2020.
5. If #4 applies to you, you will receive an email stating you will be able to complete your original delivery as scheduled.
6. For the remaining orders which still qualify for European Delivery, these vehicles may not be operated on any racetracks or involved in any racing activities while they are in Europe.

If you have any other questions please feel free to shoot me a buzz or talk to your sales rep.

BMW’s Response

BMW responded to BimmerPost.com with the following statement:

Ultimate Delivery Experience Continues in SC as Sun Sets on European Delivery
European Program to Begin Phasing Out Operations in May

“As the global market has evolved and BMW NA sales volumes have shifted more heavily towards SAVs during the past several years, the Performance Center Delivery in Spartanburg, South Carolina has seen continuing growth. Since its beginning in 1999, Performance Center Delivery has grown to more than 28,000 vehicle deliveries, while European Delivery, which has delivered approximately 30,000 vehicles since the 1970s, has experienced a significant decline in participation. Although BMW NA has historically represented an average of 2,000 European Deliveries annually, such deliveries have declined in recent years to under 500. Based on these trends and long-term evaluation, BMW Group will end the European Delivery Program in 2020 and cease accepting reservations as of May 18, 2020.

Our delivery programs have always provided owners with the opportunity to expand their BMW ownership experience and while BMW Group is ending the European operation due to declining global demand, we are proud to continue offering the Ultimate Delivery Experience to our customers through the Performance Center in Spartanburg,” said April Vigilante, department head, corporate & special sales, BMW NA. “We encourage all centers to leverage this exciting program to immerse customers in the culture of BMW at the Zentrum, explore the factory and experience the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ on the track.”

Frequently Asked Questions

BMW European Delivery Pricing?

Vehicle Savings: $1,745 to $8,165 off new vehicle sticker price.

Savings are generally about 5% off base vehicle MSRP.

All trip costs, besides those listed below, are out of pocket.

What's included in BMW's European Delivery Program?

The BMW European Delivery Program includes:

  • Complimentary Munich Airport Shuttle
  • 14 days of free insurance and registration
  • Munich Factory Tour and BMW Museum Visit
  • European Inland Transportation
  • Marine Insurance
  • Customs Duty and Clearance
  • U.S. Port Processing
  • Wharf and Handling Fees

Are any vehicles excluded from the BMW European Delivery Program?

Yes. The i3, X3, X4, X5, and X6 BMW models are excluded from this program.

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