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72 Hours with Phil Blurton: Behind The Scenes With The 2021 UTV Baja 1,000 Champion [Videos]

Can-Am’s First Off-Road Livin’ Video Series

Can-Am Phil Blurton 2021 Baja 1000

Can-Am Off-Road Livin’ video series kicks off with an inside look at what it truly takes to tackle the Baja 1,000 and win. These three videos follow the Can-Am team of 3-time UTV World Champion and first-time Baja 1,000 racer Phil Blurton.

We really enjoyed watching this series, and hope you do too. And, WOW, the planning and dedication required to tackle and win the Baja 1,000 is next level!

Can-Am Off-Road Livin’ Video Series

This video series is all about the preppin’ and stessin’ that goes into racing one of the biggest races on the off-road racing calendar. The video chronicles all the highs and lows in the final three days of preparation for the Baja 1,000, and the race itself.

To add to the excitement this is 3-time UTV World Champion Phil Blurton’s first Baja 1,000, one of the longest Baja races ever at 1,200 miles, and Blurton’s father is a former winner of the race. As you might guess, the expectations and stress were high!

72 Hours with Phil Blurton Videos

2021 Baja 1,000 Pro UTV Turbo Champion

“Such a crazy opportunity to have our first Baja 1000 be a full peninsula run,” said Blurton. “I put so much pressure on myself and my team to win, that it feels unreal we actually did it. My Can-Am X3 was flawless all day, we never touched it, just put gas in and drove our race.”

Phil Blurton’s Can-Am team won the 2021 SCORE Baja 1,000 in the Pro UTV Forced Induction (Turbo) Division with a time of 26:58:56.767.

Keep an eye out for more Off-road Livin’ videos from Can-Am this year, as 72 Hours was just the first installment of this project.

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